Games your Surprised hasn't had a mod

so this Is just a place to talk about games your surprised hasn’t had someone mod relative to this site’s interest. also can be a place to share said mods that happened to fly under the radar of the poster.
SO my first game since I am playing in is Kenshi. its a old game with a decent modding base and slider character creation including weight and stats that can affect it (like high strength means more muscles)

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Here’s a game that I’m surprised no one’s modded for WG content (in spite of a fake Japanese screenshot): WInd Waker for GCN/Wii U.

Haven’t seen any weight related mods for Bannerlord 2, a bit sad since there are a ton of mods with a variety of different effects.


Where are a lot of games that deserve fat mod, but in terms of ease of modding vs. quantity of mods - Slay the spire, for sure. Not only it has mod support, but characters have exactly one sprite for everything, it should be very easy to mod in fat retexture, yet here we are, not a single fat mod

Oh, also lobotomy corporation, just because i know that j8867bbw have one, but refuse to release it for some reason. Maybe library of ruina too, but this one at least requires 5 sprites instead of one, so its not as unbelievable as sts

  1. Garry’s Mod (as of the last time I played it, I mean.) I’m really surprised someone hasn’t gotten around to throwing together support for all those fun shape keys a lot of SFM models tend to have and add WG/expansion/inflation machines. The basic inflator tool just scales bones, which isn’t really useful.
  2. Literally all the Mount & Blade games. I think at best they have some sex mods, but that’s it.

:loud_sound: Paging doctor @Exas4000

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As I don’t play games, where I can’t play at the minimal a plump girl (when we have a character) , I haven’t any games with this problem.
In fact I complains more about developers that not implemented this “essential” feature and prevent me to play their games. :smile:

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Echoing a similar sentiment to the one about Slay the Spire, I’m surprised there aren’t any fat adventurer mods for Darkest Dungeon. Everyone knows about J8867s mod of course, but that only covered the town merchants instead of any actual playable characters.

Left 4 Dead 2 is another one, not because it’s easy to mod a 3d game but because of how large the modding community is, it seems like a model replacement would have been an inevitability by now tbh.

I feel like something like a DOOM game or something on the Build Engine should have happened by now? It’s “”""“just”"""" sprite work after all (sprite work is hard and I admire anyone who can do it, it’s just not as hard to implement as a 3D model), It seems like a DOOM mod about big fatties would have happened by now. We got H-DOOM, where’s F-DOOM?

Not quite on topic but I’m surprised it took this many years to get a proper fat mod for New Vegas, there was a BBW body as an optional file for Body By Race ages ago but it’s long gone now and had no armor support. With such a popular game with a still very active modding scene, you’d have thought the first fat kink mod wouldn’t only just be emerging 11 years later.

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I personally am surprised that there are any fat mods considering how much effort it takes just to swap the character(s) with fatties.

I’m also a bit surprised of some of the games mentioned because those are some of the last places I would think (even though they have great modding support).

kenshi because the camera is mostly far away from the characters

source, doom and build engine games because why would you shoot the fatties :​(
(for bannerlord and mount and blade it would be stab the fatties instead i guess)

also doom and build engine games are probably the games that take the most time to mod. all enemies need to be drawn in 5 (or 8 if they aren’t symmetrical) angles for every animation. even worse with build because some games have crawling and swimming animations as well and more frames per animation

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but the clerks and workers are very cartoony with the cognitohazard safeguard.

maybe the sephira and angela in the cutscenes

sonic adventure 2 or dragon ball xenoverse 2

As far as i can tell its overambitious, not finised and probably never will be finised, so this doesnt count. And im talking about much simplier stuff - just simple reskin of existing character, its like that, one sprite and two arts (if artist feels generous) in less-than-impressive artstyle even relatively new artist can replicate. And for a more or less popular game. This thing should overflow with reskins, number of nude mods should be at least at two digit number and one would expect at least one fat mod, yet here we are, with ironcluck

As if it ever stoped anyone. If anything, them being simple and cartoony makes it easier to draw sprites for em. Hell, i have done it, and probably gonna redraw them someday, maybe ever post it here, if i ever overcome my laziness that is

Haydee 2
It has mods support and everything.

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Who said anything about shooting the fatties? :slight_smile:
You could do it like an H-Doom where you aren’t killing them, you just fatten em up with your food guns or something! I distinctly remember someone on here releasing a Unity prototype that sorta did this, it had 2d drawings of enemies in a 3d environment that you’d feed by interacting with to make them too full or fat to move and attack you.

Not nessasarily! Both Warband and Bannerlord let you see your character, so it could just be the player being the fatty.

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I believe you are referring to the latest installment of Huge Hallow’s Eve from @UrgUrgUrg, @Grimimic, and others. Eggie also did a game in the same style that was a kind of a dungeon crawler/sumo turn based rpg for the previous game jam called Dojo Crawler. If anyone here hasn’t played either I highly recommend both. They’re even more impressive because they were actually made in RPG Maker.

Nope, not even remotely. This was a Unity project, not RPGmaker, was a prototype with no real story or gameplay beyond walking and stuffing the sprites, and was a truly 3d environment. It was also uploaded like two years ago, 2019 at the latest.

I was more thinking that you can have people in your towns/villages/castles possibly gain weight themselves (including yourself if given the opportunity) so you can have perhaps a kingdom of fatties. This can even include your spouses should you manage to marry one, while soldiers and certain vassals can stay fit to still allow for protection of the kingdom overall.

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Well, that mod ultimately was only for private use

I didn’t have the will power to make visuals for the entire thing.

But yeah, i did make a fat mod for slay the spire

ps: i am not really following this conversation, the ping brought me here