Greeds end.

Here’s the first playble. Of a little game called Greed’s end. It’s still in a rather sorry state to put it lightly, but it still has the heart of all the people who helped make it possible. I hope you find some enjoyment from it, and check the credits to know more if you’d like.


Writer: WaxerRed
Writer: LazerCamel.
Art: CJ
Music: Bed Jam
Technical advice and guidance: PeachClamNine
(Bonus thanks to Grimimic for the use of the candy golem sprites.)

In this game you play as Sam one of four girls accused of living a life of pure Greed, and are subjected to tests and traps, the failing of them leading to dire consequences. Will you make it out to the other side, or will fall to an awful fate? Will you be given another chance? Will you make some friends along the way?




Hello everyone, it’s your favorite neighborhood fatty sprite artist, CJ! I put some of my best work into this project and I hope that you love it as much as I loved making it! We all poured a ton of work into this and we hope you enjoy it.

I’ve been working on these WG game projects for nearly 4 years now when I started making my first sprites for Stardew Fatty. Since that time I’ve helped out with a multitude of projects on Weight Gaming including NPC Sim, RoundBound, and, of course, Apostles!

I just wanted to say thank you to this awesome community, and that I will be opening up sprite and art commissions immediately! If you’d like to commission me, you can contact me on Discord, cj-#2007 my Twitter page @CJX41 my Deviantart at cj-x4 or you can toss me some money on Patreon at Cj-X4 is creating fat art, sprites and games for a living | Patreon


so uhh… what is this game about, exactly?

Nice game! I really enjoyed the writing.

spoiler I thought Kit-Kat's mix-up was a funny way to make it about gluttony.

Blake’s a cutie. Other than that nice custom assets!

As a side note, I couldn’t find the credits, in game or otherwise though maybe I just missed them :​p


sorry for the lack of desc, waxer is sleeping rn he was exhausted, we’ll fill it in soon

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they were ona folder, but we plan to add them in here
and glad you enjoyed it! thanks for the compliment

this was a really well planned RPGMaker game and clever uses of the wild cards to tell a short story


Wonderful little game. Writing, visuals, gameplay. All of it was great and came together for a package of all meat no fluff. Every part seemed to come together just perfectly. It feels almost impossible to talk about any aspect by themselves because they all work together to provide an excellent kink experience. The character writing and story arcs really serving to getting attached to everyone, changing as the characters weight increases especially is a wonderful small detail that makes weight gained all the more impactful from the gameplay. Which that in itself was just the right amount of length and difficulty to not distract from the kink. And all of it enhancing and lifting up wonderful art for all the characters. Coming together to not just provide something arousing but also satisfying narratively and mechanically. I’d love to see your team come together in the future to make another short experience like this.


Clearly, this deserved more time to make it more complete… But it’s still a success so if this ever get a “second version” or a “remake” then I’ll glad play it again ! ^^b


I’d like to nominate this entry for Best Minion.

Kit-Kat is the bestest of boys.


This is the best entry narrative wise this year. Great work.


Finished my first playthrough and all I need to say is well done. Games required a but of thinking and some timing, but they weren’t hard. Story was great and fetish content was aswell. Great job to everyone!


Really enjoyed this one. Kinda wish there was a quick epilogue of sorts but I’m still pretty satisfied with that ending.


Definitely a great job here! I liked it quite a lot. I really hope you guys go the extra mile and round it up after the jam, since the game is so good it is totally worth it, even if its a short story.


Way I have to say this is a great game, because it has a Great story with some twist in there and the art work was very good and last the ending I did not see that coming and it was a good wrap up.


A fun game! I enjoyed playing it!
Not sure where I can vote for it specifically but if/when I can, I shall vote for it! :smiley:


I finished my first playthrough of the game. Very good story, good sprites and some simple but good puzzles :smiley:

I hope you enjoyed doing it, because I think you really did a very good job. I hope to see you among the winners of this year’s Gain Jam :smiley: