Hello, well the truth is that I would like the sprites of spacethumper please.

Well, since it’s difficult to get sprites, I’d like you to send yours here, but to not be so bad, I’ll leave you with some sprites that I found so you can download them. spacethumper sprites.

And if you don’t know how to make sprites, you can tell who you want to make plus an image, if you want me to do it, write me privately.


origin HD:


download:Spacethumper - #476 by Flateur


for final:




if you have one or did please send it here

Spacethumper Spritesheets.zip (482.5 KB)
Here you go. I thought the sprites were available on the main thread topic, but I also have trouble finding these things again.

Well, thanks for passing me by so that the others can do theirs, but so that you don’t feel bad, here I have 1 for you for being the first, beware, this is a bit of a bug, but putting it in its place will be fine :)and hopefully others send theirs here



I need your help and creativity, to see if you can do this as spritesheets, it is not mandatory, it is only optional.



OMG finally, more characters!! Thank you!

nothing, if you find more, if you want you can send some spritesheets. :wink:

hello how are you, well I was expecting something interesting these last few days but there was nothing, I felt a bit disappointed but, as it is really difficult to get sprites for this game, I made one more for you :slight_smile:



if you don’t want to send yours then you could do this, here you could leave a sprite or the name of the character, so that I or someone else can do it.


oh name of character eh? Then can you do Agumon/Guilmon from digimon?

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I’m sorry but I don’t follow much digimon, but these cost me too much but maybe not :frowning: but if you can think of another one maybe if I have patience and creativity I can do it.

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Oh okay… then maybe my phoenix Oc? i can send a ref of him you want

if it’s also fine when you want to do it.

Oh, but i dont have a sprite editer nor the knowledge, so can you make the sprite off the image?

Thanks in advance

how about a nude sergal? or a hyena

Well I would but I haven’t done nude and it looks better feminine and I don’t know how to do the canines sorry

Is there any application that you use for sprite editing?

I would personally use Aseprite. Mainly because you can import sprite sheets as a series of individual images (at least in this game’s case), edit them frame by frame and then export them the same way. One other user says that they use GIMP because it’s free.

Thanks alot! But I still need some helping on making the sprites