How would you implement squashing into a game?

One of my very effed up fetishes is having a huge BHM or a BBW (though I have grown a preference for the former, maledom part speaking) torture and humiliate a small, thin woman by squashing and squeezing her with their blob, going as far as to make them their “ass slave” (which is to say, putting them in their underwear and making them face directly their butthole, like you would find in macrophilia) and farting on them.

I have my share of ideas, but how do you think a fetish involving squashing (and farting, if you’re into that) could be implemented into any kind of game outside of the visual novel type?

untitled furry fighting game has some of that as fighting moves.
one idea I had for a 3rd person shooter was basically if you rocket jump (or similar) you deal damage when landing (works for platformers as well, Yoshis and Bowsers down-B comes to mind), you just need to make the character land on there butt instead of there feet.

though the slowness of actually squashing someone properly makes it more less suitable for faster paced games. it could be suitable for a tactical RPG as a restraining move or a devastating 2 round+ type of move


Landing on enemies is obvious, but yeah, mobility is a big deal. If your character is obese, it’s going to be hard for them to jump on top of the enemies unless they were a giant - but where would be the challenge in that?

The best way to go around that would probably be to equip them with a device that enhances mobility, like a jetpack that is powerful enough to lift the player’s mass off the ground. I really like your concept of squashing by rocket jumping, I never thought of that. It would definitely work in a 2D platformer. Though, I have to agree, a game with a heavy protagonist would be slower paced in consequence. I guess you would have to make it more about calculating your movements than jumping about to make hitting your target more satisfying.

thinking about it a bit more if you have projectiles you can still fight while sitting on someone. it could be interesting to have basically an insta-kill move that forces you to stay still for x seconds

Yeah, projectiles. A minigun or a rocket launcher would fit so well with that type of character.

Speed and mobility are nothing to worry about if your character is super-powered, right? My first thought (well, aside from a turn-based/strategy game where sitting on an enemy causes them to lose a turn, which has already been taken) was a fatty character action game (Devil May Cry, Platinum games, those types). I’ve had thoughts about somthing along the lines of this before, it just seems particularly relevant now - an action game where your character is supernaturally strong enough to move around with hundreds of pounds on their frame like it’s nothing, attacking by very liberally throwing around their weight, hip checking everything in sight and crushing downed enemies to finish them off. Think Bayonetta, except she weighs a quarter-ton.


Okay, that’s the hottest thing that came out of this thread.

i’d like that, but the opposite, where you play as maybe some sort of obese ninja assassin and would have to silently kill your targets by suffocating them against your rear. the only issue would be that you move too slowly to escape capture, meaning that you would have to stealth around to your target and preplan your route. alongside this, your character would only have a limited amount of stamina.

this could result in plenty of fun losing scenarios. maybe you would fail to account the size of a gap as you approach your target and become stuck. maybe you would successfully sit on your target, but lack the stamina to get back up again in time to escape. maybe you would knock over a vase with the sway of your massive hips and desperately try to waddle away from the alerted guards.


A WG game based around stealth is really uncommon, come to think of it. Other examples don’t really come to mind. I like the idea though, trying to remain undetected despite your size, being cautious of your mass accidentally bumping into objects and trying to keep your heavy breathing, wheezing and thumping footsteps under control so as not to alert anyone. And I’m always a sucker for game over scenes that arise from being too fat to continue.

I like the idea of suffocating guards because I have always thought that taking out guards in stealth games is to easy and not very risky. having to sit on someone for some time would add some nice risk reward to it (you could also have a limited fart pool for faster knockouts that the player have to economize with).

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I’m… kind of disappointed in myself that I’m on board with this. I imagine that in order to get more, you’d need to eat food to refill your gas, so to speak. However, if there were weight gain mechanics, then that could mean you’d also get fatter as a result, which has its own ups and downs. Eating more and getting even fatter allows for quicker incapacitations due to your heavier weight and, ahem, “sleeping gas”, but would also generally make you clumsier and slower, so it’s a trade off.


Depending on how far you wanted to go with it, I could also see there being a mechanic where if you store up a large amount of gas, you can release it as a large AoE fart that KOs multiple enemies, maybe using it as a way to clear rooms or escape from capture. But, storing up too much gas without using it could also lead to an unintentional fart slipping out that alerts nearby guards if you aren’t careful as part of a risk/reward system.


I had the same idea but I thought it was a bit too off topic to share.

how about enemies using squashing? I was thinking something like a grapple you have to mash out of. though it might not be to fitting because some might want to stay under them

It might have been a tad off-topic (although OP giving it a like validates me a little), but I kind of couldn’t help elaborating on what seemed like a really unique mechanic I haven’t seen in another game. Also, I like farting fatties, and opportunities to talk about them don’t always come up very often, so I couldn’t resist.

As for enemies using squashing, a grab-like attack that you have to escape from seems to be sensible. Maybe another option if the game is a platformer is fat, immobile enemies being dropped on you as obstacles and you have to avoid getting crushed by them (basically like Thwomps in Mario game, come to think of it). Or, similarly, some enemies are just huge fatties waddling around, and their main attack is to try and fall over on top of you. Of course, they’d be far too fat to stand themselves up after falling and would just have to lay there helplessly, something I’m sure a particularly perverted dev would have ideas for.

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Not sure if it’s quite what you’re looking for, but Worshippers of the Gain has several possible butt squashing segments with the hotel staff.

It’s not M dom F but it can be M/M, F/M, or NB/M depending on your protagonist’s pronouns.

I appreciate the recommandation, but I’m not much of a furry… Shame cos that’s an attractive title for a weight game.

Thanks anyway!

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Man, I’m glad you got to talk about things you don’t usually get the occasion to tell. I also like myself some farty fatties. I love your idea about storing gas and all the advantages and drawbacks that come with it.

I got my doubts about squashing enemies though. Partly because, like Yamhead mentioned, you’d rather stay under them. But I can see it working if finishing the game would only lead to a bad ending where you only managed to delay the inevitable and end up squashed and miserable, that way you have the satisfaction of beating the game and your fetish is still satisfied - gotta say, there’s an appeal to some of those nihilistic endings where your struggles can only end with fat.

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if you want to I (and others) could give our ideas on how to include farting in a game

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I see what you mean, and I’ve mentioned that I love bad endings of that sort before, but I feel the the dissatisfaction of being forced into one regardless of anything you do would feel worse than the annoyance that may arise from a fetishy aspect of the game you like being part of a legitimate fail state. If the punishment for getting squashed wasn’t very serious then you’d be able to do it more if you wanted, but at the same time, what’s the point of enemies doing something that isn’t threatening? I went into more detail with my thoughts on something like this in this thread:“Bad Ends” are really good.

If all else fails, squashing could always be implemented in something along the lines of an optional scenes, maybe. You talk to an NPC, some stuff happens, queue harmless squashing scene.

I did mention at the start of the thread that you could also talk about farting if you liked. I am guilty of that as much as anyone, so don’t hold back!

I think that, in the end, it’s just funnier to play as the squasher than being the squashee, which I find to be nowhere near as active of a role - that’s pretty ironic considering the other just consists on sitting on top of someone.

I didn’t mention those ideas I had for a concept of a turn-based RPG where gaining weight makes you more powerful. I might as well do now:

  • As you are getting closer to immobility and it is becoming harder for you to move, you would obtain a four-legged platform for you to sit on. On top of doing the walking for you, could launch you into the air and pull you back with some sort of magnet. You would use that to land on enemies and inflict colossal damages on them. And the wider you would get, the more enemies you could squash in one go. Some enemies would be able to counter that though: they could create a magic bubble around them that absorbs physical attacks, at the cost of being more vulnerable to magic - the bubbles could even grow spikes to further discourage you from trying squash attacks. You could even have the very opposite: bubbles that block magic and need to be broken through with all your weight. It would be so entertaining seeing your opponent growing anxious as you damage their barrier each turn with your squash attack, knowing that, once it’ll vanish, they will be at the mercy of your ravaging belly/ass. Farting would also serve as extra damage, to make sure your enemy doesn’t get up.
  • Another idea I had was that you would encounter and fight slender female mages that, once defeated, could be used as trophies / ass slaves for you (and maybe for the rest of your team, if weight gain was to be applied to them to) to slip between your butt-cheeks. Each mage would grant you unique bonus stats or special abilities that could be momentarily increased by farting on them.
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