Looking for some Visual Novels! Need Inspiration and Experience.

Hey all! Muffin here.

I was wondering if anyone here has a good list of romance visual novels, ecchi visual novels, and nsfw novels they recommend?

I’m still working on my own, hint hint, but I think need to be more familiar with the flow and mechanics if possible.

I especially would love to see if there are any completed or mostly completed weight gain or plus-size romance visual novels that I’ve somehow missed.


For weight gain/other fetishes on this site, I’d go with:
-Growth Academy
-The Pirates Fate
-there’s another but I can’t remember the name

For a regular visual novel, I can only think of one since I’m not a big fan of them myself:
-Hatoful Boyfriend
-Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star


Thanks for replyin! Lol i don’t think I’m gonna take much inspiration from Hatoful boyfriend tho

If you’re looking for ones that are complete and give ideas, the code for Overstuffed is very easy for a beginner to follow to learn RenPy with good comments: 🦃 Overstuffed - Weight Gain VN - release v1.0

But Overstuffed isn’t my best work, Housewife Simulator has more complexity and depth. It’s a romance, but not a dating sim: Housewife Simulator - FREE DEMO OUT!! ❤

My earlier games may be worth a look too, if you liked the others! Cowgirl Casino 2 and Cowgirl Casino


Not sure if you’ve checked out my topic but my recommendation list has a couple VN sections and it lists fetishes and (last known) development status all related to weight gain. Couple be something on there to check out. I know you are working on a few potential VN ideas not sure what specifically might give you what you are looking for.

Probably won’t be quite what you want but outside of what is on my list there are a few non weight gain VN’s that I’m a big fan of and have some great characters, setups, fetish content and stories. @expandinguniversegame’s Endowed (harem, BE, lactation, preg, in development) probably has like my favorite opening of any VN I’ve played. EUG’s writing feels really natural in a lot of situations the I think the intro and opening of the game is well crafted. And goes to show you can world build and set up characters in an interesting way that has a nice build up before the fetish shenanigans happen. As well as Hypnosis (BE, AE, harem, preg, lactation, in development) the first game by EUG. The dialogue and character interactions in these games are really solid in my opinion. It feels very “human” and each character distinct and different from one another. Which I think is quite the accomplishment with how many girls there are. With branching story paths and multiple endings currently up to 15 chapters (on patreon) the game has a lot of good interactions mixed with good fetish content.

Neokama game’s White Russian(BE, AE, harem, lactation, in development) has some great characters and good interactions set around an bit of a bumbling boob-fiend of an MC. I think this is another good example of how to make girls in a harem situation feel different and unique from one another while equally appealing for their strengths and flaws.

I find myself coming back to these for the characters, story, and fetish content even though they focus on BE rather then WG. Hope something here might be helpful to you, good luck in finding some inspiration to draw from.

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So, this is a side question. Are you looking for more story or more art? I have a good one that you might have heard of called The Human Heart which is still in development last I checked and has no WG but does have bbw characters. That is very story focused and I think it would help a good amount. A good story comes first, as I say.

I will always recommend the funbag fantasy series if I have the chance, haha!

The erotic aspects are passable, but the story is one of my favorites! Its a medieval fantasy, rags-to-riches tale that has amazing comedy and awesome characters! Each game is about 8hrs long, but I read really fast. When I finished each one, I was always wishing for more, haha!

I’ve only read about 40 non-wg VNs, but that series sticks out as the one I always remember fondly.

I recommend using vndb.org as they have extensive search and filtering tools. For example they have a Feeder Fetish tag. I’ve been using the site for a long time and it’s very helpful. You can probably find something you’d want that way. I have little experience with English original VNs, but vndb also categorizes them.

These aren’t ecchi or fetish related (I don’t play VNs for the H scenes in the first place) so I don’t know if it really matters, but I can mention a few VNs I’ve done that I think have interesting stories and good romances. I’m not really a fan of harem VN stuff…I probably like the Grisaia trilogy the most out of those. I guess Muv-Luv counts as harem too, but I think the harem stuff in that is terrible although I love everything else.

Some VNs I like

The House in Fata Morgana has a great spooky setting and full of tragic characters. Basically each chapter covers a different time period of a haunted mansion. This has one of my favorite romances in a VN. There’s also a fandisc that’s very good. Probably the most normal VN I would recommend to normal people.

Kara no Shoujo 1-3 are a trilogy of murder mystery VNs where a detective tries to solve a serial killing. I think the first game is okay, but the second game is extremely good and I was kicking myself when I ignored it. The second game rotates between different protagonists and has great scenes between characters. The third game is out, however it’s not in English yet. You should technically play Cartagra first, but I don’t blame you if you don’t.

Subahibi or Wonderful Everyday is a denpa story with an extremely interesting story and cast of characters. It’s very philosophical with strong themes and messages. It’s better to just read it without knowing anything. I will warn that the content is extremely disturbing, even compared to other things on this list.

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa pretty recently got an English translation. This is a cool title by Nitro+ with a great story for the most part. There’s a lot of fight scenes, but the drama and romance are good too. When I realized the mechanic for how the routes worked I was like “wow this is great”.

Nemtropy mentioned the Funbag Fantasy games which I have not played, but I have played almost every Rance game which seem similar. The fantasy setting that the Rance series has built up at this point is amazing. I love the setting and characters in it. Rance IX got translated last year and it was great. I think this is a hard series to get into though because you really should play every game in order which date back to something like 1988. I probably want to try Funbag Fantasy at some point, but the name is really dumb!!

I guess I’ll stop there.


Do you mean BHM? because the w in bbw stands for woman…

or if I go further into the game do bbws appear?

Well everyone has mentioned some visual novels that are WG ones here but as a VN junkie in general for non fetish ones I have a big list to recommend but will only stick with my five biggest recommendations

  1. Uminkeo 2.Muv-Luv (Main trilogy) 3. Fate Stay Night (All 3 routes) 4. Va11halla and 5. Katawa Shoujo.

Yeah, Umineko and Higurashi are great. I have no idea what’s going on with Ciconia although I know Ryukishi has done other projects lately.

Is today the day I break my vow to avoid Fate like the plague?