Momulator! - Extreme Pregnancy Simulator

Game info and download: Momulator (Gain Jam 2021 Entry) by Captain Elderly

This is a simulation game where you care for and hang out with a very large pregnant lioness! there are various ways to keep her happy.

I wasn’t able to do what i wanted in the time given, mostly due to mental health issues, but i decided to submit this anyway! I don’t expect this to do super well, but i’m proud of what i’ve achieved so far.
Consider this more of a tech demo than a completed game at this point. I intend to continue work on it once i’ve had some rest.


Let me know if you need help running this, but i can pretty much guarantee you’ll need a reasonably good computer to run this.


I had no mouse, so I had to use a touchpad and it was very difficult.
Add another way to switch tools and an aim dot, please.

do you have a controller you can use?

Touchpad and keyboard

i can’t even imagine how i would make a first person game play nice with just a keyboard and touchpad.

Just put “switch tool” on Q button and “use tool” on E button, for example.

Touchpad is used only for aim, in general.

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Really amazing work! I am always floored by technically impressive your games are. I am looking forward to future updates after the jam.

In the current build, does she get bigger / do her boobs refill with milk? In the screenshots you posted she is a good bit bigger than the default size but I maxed out all of her meters but didn’t see any change of appearance.

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I appreciate it a ton!
Right now she only increases and decreases pregnancy size when you press up/down on the arrow keys.
Currently, her needs will stop decreasing when maxed out, you can press J to reset her needs stats. The wall has all sorts of useful advice on it.

I have uploaded a patch. Here are the changes:
-Added generic Xbox-layout gamepad support for the game. Right trigger to activate tools, left and right bumper to change tools.
-Added E key as an alternate way to use tools
-Added Q key as an alternate way to switch tools.

See above post, i have added changes to hopefully make the game easier to play for you.

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I tried, but it doesn’t work.
Does anyone have the same problem or just me, people?

Did you download the 001b version on the page?


what part of it does not work?

It looks like the old version left here.

PS: We need a third one to check it out.

Oh, you’re correct actually. I accidentally uploaded the same version in a new zip. Gimme a sec.


Electronic Arts is proud of you.

there we go. try re-downloading it. Sorry about that.

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Now it works correctly.
Good job.

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how large to you plan to make her? extreme could get very very large. like burst out of the house large to just can walk scale

her current maximum size in this build makes her belly expand to the point where it touches both the floor and the ceiling. Her max belly size is meant to represent “full term, carrying 100 babies”. I don’t know how much bigger than that i wanna go, considering i’d have to somehow make the environment accommodate for sizes like that.