1st Round Results

Good day everyone!

I have a special surprise the day right before turkey day for everyone and that is the results for the 1st round of judging!

Before we get to the scores and nominations we are only going to be announcing the top 5 in this thread and not posting all the totals. The totals for each game can be found in their topic for those interested. Also, the scoring sheet will not be posted until we finish final scoring.

So without further delay here are the results of the 1st round of judging!


The following are the best in nominations made by the first round of judges.

You all may notice that there is only one nomination for best Audio Design and this means Ration Race wins the category by default! I would like to congratulate @oceanaga for wining the best in for Audio Design!

The Top 5

Before I announce the top 5 keep in mind that the scores seen in the first round do not carry over into the second round. An entry that got 1st place in this round could end up with 3rd in the second round so the scores here should not be taken as final.

With that out of the way I would like to congratulate the following submissions for making into the top 3!

1st place with a total score of 4945 points is Cheetahs Are Meant To be Fast (Khatoblepas and Urg's entry) by @UrgUrgUrg and @Khatoblepas!

2nd place with a total score of 4755 points is Joblin Simulator (Stuffing/WG Puzzle Game) -Bugfix v1.03 by @humblesasquatch, @Kaldr, and Shuaevae!

3rd place with a total score of 4689 points goes to Queen Goblin Rules the Feast by @PeachClamNine!

4th place with a total score of 4609 points HoneyCombat­čŹ» by @Modnaryug, Kathens, @CystalCore, @Auclave, and @BellyBelting!

5th place with a total score of 4543 points goes to Casa Rond by @Hoodah and team PlumpCon!

@kilif and I hope to start the next round of judging as soon as thanksgiving is out of the way here. Thank you all for being so patient with us and we hope to have this wrapped up soon!


Damn, looks like I snuck into the rankings without even entering anything! Dunno why my name showed up in the week of the werefatty title.


lol well I got that fixed now.

Also, as pointed out to me by @cocoacaesar its supposed to be the top 5 not the top 3. Sorry about that mistake on my side!

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