Protect your queen by deploying bee troops to defend and attack the enemy queen and her armies! Feed your troops honey to upgrade them into powerful specialized units!





queen beefat

Gain Jam 2021 game by:

Modnaryug: Game designer and rigging animations

Kathens: Character concept and general artist

CrystalCore: Grandmaster Coder, drawer of backgrounds

Auclave: Sound and music design

BellyBelting: Sprite artist and character adaptation


For those who think the music is too loud, I made it quieter. (<-- Possibly not a word.)

FYI: The game uses about 2,500 mb of memory so you would want about 3 GB free for the game to run well.

very neat. it was confusing at first since I didn’t realize that you need to use the arrow keys to move, since I didn’t bother to read the info 'til after winning a match.

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I fixed the game breaking bug of the game not resetting properly on a win.

FYI: This was the one thing i forgot to fix before release it was intended to be this was on launch but i was late for Church and forgot, the game is now in it’s intended launch state.

its perfect o_o

really, i love the game! i cant stop playing. Really is so good

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iIt’s a fun game, but you should include in the instructions that Spacebar is to drop honey. the arrow keys appear to just move and change honey selection.

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This is a really solid entry! I’m impressed with the amount of quality art in it, and the animations look very nice. If I didn’t know any better, I would think it wasn’t even part of a 2-week jam. It’s that polished.
It reminds me of some flash games, like Age of War.


page 3 in info

This is awesome! It’s a little difficult to tell how far ahead of a bee you need to drop honey for them to be able to pick it up, but once you get used to that it’s really fun and really cute!

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I loke that game a lot ^^
Wonderful Work and i love it that you can make the Beequeen fatter:D
Well as i love popping i would love to see that you can feed the opponent queen and pop her at the end to defeat her :smiley:


This is a pretty great little game! I love the art and the tone, and the music complements it well.

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A very good game. I wish I was able to upgrade queen more then two times at least on hardest level, but still this is a great game. If the soldiers could also get two additional upgrades, it would be even more fun :slight_smile:


Created an account just to comment & like this, it’s a LOT of fun! The concept is great, the controls are simple and the execution is brilliant. I love the feel-good music that goes with it too!

I know this is meant to be a short game, but if it were possible to upgrade the soldiers more than once and the Queen more than twice it would certainly add to this game! Even if the opposing Queen could do the same, just to make hard mode more challenging ^^.

Only small bug I have encountered so far is that once a level has been beaten, moving on to the next one doesn’t spawn any workers on the players side. Doesn’t break the game, just worth noting!

Overall, 10/10 <3

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All I can say is this game better be at less in the Top 3 as its really good, very simple but it works

I get a lot of Age of Wars & Stick Wars Flash game feels from this, its runs really well, its theme is good and its just fitting to play overall, I wouldn’t mind seeing more done with this game in general!!

I hope we get to see more games like this in the future!!


if it wasn’t for a 2 week jam we would have done that but we kept things simple. it’s not that we didn’t want to it’s that we wanted to finish in time.

i know why it doesn’t spawn workers, i will fix that.

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This looks fun. …too bad I don’t have a powerful computer.

yeah we didn’t realize we where eating Ram till later and we found a better way to make characters but we didn’t have time to add it. If we work on this game post jam it will start with making the game more efficient.

you could still try to run it.

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The game should now not need a full restart to play a new level

Visually an absolute treat, and the music really mellowed the whole experience - it took the *sting* out of being bee-ten :nerd_face: nyuk nyuk nyuk.

A joy to play! :+1: