Gain Jam 9/2021 Winners & Scores!

Good day everyone! After some delays we finally have the final scores in for the 2021 Gain Jam! Before we get into the winners I would like to once again thank everyone who participated this year and our wonderful 1st round judges @SquirrelGirlDGT, @Grimimic, and @Juxtaterrestrial for their hard work!

Even though we went with a tougher theme this year we where very impressed with how creative the entries where. There where many tight races and a few come from behind upsets which only proves how good everyone’s games where! So without further delay lets get to the winners:


Over All

1st place goes to Cheetahs Are Meant To be Fast (Khatoblepas and Urg’s entry) by @UrgUrgUrg & @Khatoblepas!

And in a come from behind upset 2nd place goes to HoneyCombat🍯 by @BellyBelting, @Modnaryug, Kathens, CrystalCore, and @Auclave!

Finally 3rd place goes to the excellent Queen Goblin Rules the Feast by @PeachClamNine and @Cj-x4.3

Best In

Best Art goes to Momulator! - Extreme Pregnancy Simulator by @CaptainElderly!

Best Sound goes to Ration Race by @oceanaga!

Best Writing goes to Joblin Simulator (Stuffing/WG Puzzle Game) -Bugfix v1.03 by @humblesasquatch, @Kaldr, and Shuaevae !

Community Choice goes to our 2nd place winner HoneyCombat🍯!

Congrats to all of you! This years entries where quite truly amazing and we love seeing how creative the community can be! We will be reaching out the the OPs to discuss payment of the rewards and expect to see the detailed break downs for the top 5 posted on their posts very soon.

As usual I would like to thank all those who participated this year, our amazing community, and our generous supporters on Patreon whos generous support helps us to fund the general operation of the site as well as projects and events like the Gain Jam!

Without the support we get from you all this would not have been possible! Thank you all!

Raw score sheet:


It’s a shame that Kobold village couldn’t get more recognition, but I suppose it was all of the bugs in the Gain-Jam version that held it back. Comparitively, the updated version is significantly more polished and functional.

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It was one of my personal favorites, and really hope development continues on it.

next year i’m gonna have to knock it out of the park!
i’m honored to have won best art though!

Maybe next time i won’t be having a bad brain moment through half of it


So are the game topics in the Gain Jam going to be locked or will they stay open?

Also congrats to all of the winners, very well done to everyone.

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We lock them down about a week after

Well-deserved awards and recognition all around. This was my personal favorite theme (my favorite WG games in general tend to have hands-off pseudo-control). The jam entries were so fun and impressive.

Just felt like echoing the love for the results of this game jam!


Forgot to say it here but congrats to the winners, all truly fantastic creators! So glad Joblin simulator got an honorable mention, love you guys.

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