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If this game’s going to be a Metroidvania, going by the post here:

Would it be possible to have areas of a level blocked off due to the PC’s weight, such as an entrance through vents a larger PC can’t get into or a weak floor such as a wood bridge needing to be broken by a high weight PC to get to the area below?

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1.Learn some ninja skill in your journey, like: Wall Climbing or Triangle Wall Jump.
2.some enemy will drop item, if you eat them,Other item will spit out with a “Burp~” and “Food” type item gonna directly digested.
3. “Explosive” type enemy can be threw up and Blow up some Wall or enemy as Bomb.
4.some enemy is “poisonous”, if you eat them you will “Poisoned” and get hurt.
5.Equipment system, start with “damage point” and go on “Appearance change”.


How’s the weather on Mars?

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Due to heavy solar radiation storms school is canceled tomorrow


If you want to make it challenging to hold on to weight gained, one way to lose weight could be a stamina bar. Doing things like attacking or jumping would drain stamina; when you run out, you start to burn fat by performing those actions. The heavier you are, the faster you burn fat. The player can mitigate this with upgrades, both to their stats and maybe by getting new abilities that let you teleport without burning stamina or fat.

This also gives the player a reliable way to lose weight: exercising. If you REALLY wanna add layers to this, burning fat could permanently reduce the rate at which the player consumes stamina and cut down the mobility penalty gained by fatness. This incentivizes the player to work out so they can get fat with less penalty.

I don’t think I can agree to this at all, this is a weight gain forum so having the main activities of the game (running, jumping, and attacking) make you lose weight could be seen as punishing the player for just doing the basic activities of the game, forcing them to spam jumping and attacking to get to the content they’re most interested in.

The idea is that you’re challenged to juggle weight gain and gameplay. The stamina bar, as I described it, doesn’t FORCE you to lose weight, it just makes you lose weight for going ham without slowing down at all. The ability to exercise would be an optional function, a way to grind to make the game easier. Whether it fits the game or not is up to the devs; it’s merely there as an additional challenge, and might be best suited for a difficulty toggle.


you can trade some honey with bees, let them feed the Queen Bee?

What? No, wait, that is a different game pal…

I have worked on 2 completely different games, FatThickieBeeeessssss: An unfinished game jam submission story
and Ōkui: Beat em up and Eat em up. Did you get confused? : )

BUT “FatThickieBeeeessssss: An unfinished game jam” is unfinished.
you can refer hollow knight, The hive is independent of the insect kingdom and belongs to the autonomous country, so when tons of Bug want to defeat you, Bees won’t care(if you attack them will be another matter.).

Alright, alright, but what is your point man?

you can use “FatThickieBeeeessssss: An unfinished game jam” 's data to accelerate “Okui” 's development progress, and finish “FatThickieBeeeessssss” 's fattening Scenes in “Okui”, make Queen FAT.

We are not planning to add the bees from FatThickieBeeeessssss: An unfinished game jam
in the game dude, and the two games have completely different objectives, so obviously fattening a queen bee wouldn’t fit in the game at all, and even if we decide to add side missions, and the objective would be to fatten the queen bee, the sprites would look different because the 2 games have different art styles

What the flip is going on here?

Diplomacy Goodlew it’s Diplomacy

I’ll leave you to it, Gandhi

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One thing that you could add in the game is a devastating technique that consists of using body fat to generate heat, causing a great aura of fire around your enemies, losing weight, however, it is a dangerous technique if she is not enough fat, making a gave over.

Another thing could be a secondary mission where the protagonist is cursed by a cow witch who can manipulate the milk as if it were a hydrokinetics, you face it at the beginning but you lose the confrontation, after that, she turns the protagonist into A cow-toad with everything and udders, giving you the treatment of returning you to normal if you capture and devour 10 small creatures to create a potion that will come out of its udders, if you do it correctly in 10 minutes or less, she will return you to normal and you will get some bombs that inflate as if they were blueberries to the enemies to immobilize them and eat them, if you lose, there will be a kinematics where you become a big ball that will be milked by the witch for the rest of life, having a game-over.

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i dunno how scientifically accurate you want this mate but it’d be kinda weird to see frogs using body heat as an attack as they are cold blooded animals. Again this is a silly game for people that want to see frog girls get fat so you can do whatever you want. but yea they’re ectotherms and are dependent on outside sources of heat.

Dammit, you’re right with the heat attack, what thing would be better than that for a ultimate attack?