Playable Feedee Games?

Does anyone have any games that they can recommend that makes the player a feedee and they interact with feeders.

I’ve been looking for a game where the player gains weight rather than the people the player interacts with. I haven’t had much luck, but the main points I am looking for are,

  1. You play as a feedee (duh)

  2. Has some kind of story

  3. Belly is visible

  4. Characters that feed the player.

Let me know if you know something like this :grin:


@bobothesecondtwo ’s Fill Me Up (Formally "Untitled renpy feedee game") Latest version now on patreon!

You play as a female MC that is a feedee. It has multiple routes with all female cast. Feedee, mutual gaining, and the MC being a feeder are all possible


Shame I saw this on my phone and don’t have easy access to multiple tabs but I’ll answer anyway.
While there aren’t any that are specifically like you mentioned there are quite a few where you play as a character who at the very least becomes a self feedee ( I think there’s another term for this but I’m drawing a blank right now).
I’ll make a quick list and fix it up when I get back to my PC.

Alright, here’s a quick list, keep in mind these are all very barebones and in some ways awful decriptions of what the game sactually are :sweat_smile:

  • Tramp - You play as a girl who winds up in a small town and settles into the simple life. You make choices and can basically give yourself over to a life of complete hedomism revolving around eating as much as you can possibly eat in a day. Some ‘minor’ feeding elements are featured. Entirely text based. Still in development, which is going very slowly but steadily, every update that I have seen so far brings major changes and improvements (Actually one of my favourite games in the entire site).

  • About Gaining Perspective - You can play as either a girl or boy that basically suffers a slide into gluttony and eventual immobility. Gets a little dark near the end stage, but if you want the experience of either trying to resist eating or deliberatly overeating this is fine. Text only

  • Worshippers of the Gain (Demo/ - If you can deal with furry stuff this one allows you to play either a man or woman (that doesn’t seem to have any furry descriptors) who can becoming extremely fat. Some of the interactions with the NPCs can lead to feeding scenes, the main reason I mention this one is I know from memory there is a scene where and NPC rubs your belly and it shows it from your perspective.

  • Feed My Affection - A Weight Gain Themed Dating Simulator - Still very early in development but already very promising, Tonbelly is creating a fully illustrated epic here. The demo is still exactly that, a demo showing off what it will look and function like, but there is shown a particular path that will allow you as the player to gain a very eager feeder, which I am very excited to see how that all pans out.

  • A Piece of Cake / C'est de la tarte (le français) English Translation [RenPy] - You play as a female character who can basically become an eating machine, at least once you work out how to keep her alive. Because of that it isn’t the most recommended, however if you can wrap your head around the gameplay loop you can get quite fat.

I could probbaly find more if I dig around but on a quick reflection these are the ones that spring to mind right now (sorry if I’m forgetting anyone :worried:).

Oh right, obviously the one @Krodmandoon mentioned is great too