Recommended games focusing on Breast Expansion?

I’m definitely a fan of expansion in all of its forms, and while breast expansion is generally seen as “okay” as an include alongside all other fetishes, I was wondering if anyone here has played games that feature breast expansion as a main focus.

I’m definitely interested in all shapes and sizes, but I really like a focus on the actual BE portion. Larger than normal sizes, noticeable growth (rather than mere text description), sprite/art that updates - anyone got any faves or things like that?


There’s a really good list of BE games that Nekomagames the developer of the BE game White Russian has made.
Nekomas_BE_List.pdf (4.1 MB)

It has quite a few games on it in different genre’s and engines. Should be able to find something worth playing.

I personally am a fan of White Russian, @expandinguniversegame’s Endowed and Hypnosis. These are probably my favorite games that have BE as a focus but there are alot of good games on the BE list.

If you are okay with some games that have it on the side there’s a side character in the weight gain focusedFill me up Kaede that has some BE scenes. With most content being in the (current) lastest version of 3.0.

Fattening Career has a storyline for Luna that is weight gain based but using a drug to make most of the gain focus on breasts so it’s BE like in nature even with some actually BE scenes. (there’s also more than just Luna within her route for BE characters) Also by the same developer the Gain Trials has lots of breast expansion but still being WG focused.

While my list is focused on WG game recommendations, I do list games that feature BE and some other expansions as marked by the tags I’ve included. Might be worth a check there are a decent amount of games that feature weight gain or focus on it that also include BE. Krod’s weight gain games recommendation list - Projects - Weight Gaming


Cowtastic Cafe is hands-down my favorite BE game. It’s not the longest game, clocking in at about 30 minutes a playthrough, but the sprites, growth sequence, and actual gameplay are all top-notch.

Research Station M-00 is another good BE game I’d recommend giving a go. It’s got other body part expansions, as well, but BE is the main focus.

I’ll also toss Fetish Master out there, although it’s definitely fading with age. It primarily uses text descriptions and a hodgepodge assortment of pictures, and it’s not BE focused (although it’s basically a sandbox, so you can just focus all your attention on BE aspects), but there’s no ceiling to growth, so if you want extreme BE, it might be worth a look. I will note that I personally had to go in and homebrew a few coding lines to tweak it to where I liked it, but you don’t have to do that, and you could use the Dev mode to cheat a bit, if you just want to skip the ‘story’ bit (and I use that loosely).


For breast expansion focused games, only Lacto Escape comes to mind.
Has wg and pregnancy if you’re into it. You can disable/enable them.

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It is in Twine, a text engine, but I’ve recently made an incremental breast expansion game, “Yuri My Beloved”, that functions mostly like a clicker/idle game, but won’t break your mouse and won’t force you to wait forever.

It does contain furry content, but as a plural number of people have said, “I don’t like furry content but it’s not too noticeable here”.

As for sprites, it is mostly text based, with a small number of ASCII boob sprites. However, as a writer, I’m confident in saying that it’s still good despite that. I have carefully designed every single part of the game to be focused on boobs, boobs, and more boobs. It’s not just a side effect, it’s the main goal and the plot. I’ve done everything in my power to make it horny even without images. And an artist was even so kind as to draw an image of her for free anyway, which I’ve included in the ending.

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Hello! I have been making my rounds advertising my game! I saw this thread so I wanted to just add my game here for something Breast Expansion focused. It’s of the slow burn type. There is ass expansion as well, and I do plan to add weight gain as well.

Art Commissioned from alison-nyash

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