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Are there any games that are centered around someone forcing/humiliating the protagonist about gaining weight?


Though the game isn’t necessarily centered around it, there’s a variety of routes in D.I.E.T by coastalbunny that include some humiliation (particularly the wrestler route)

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Check this thread about humiliation in wg games: Any game where you get berated / humiliated for gaining weight or at least you get treated / talked to differently based on your weight?


Outside of Fill Me Up (which is mentioned in the thread link @skitterwave provided. The game will have humiliation aspects to it depending on the route/variations you pick, especially fit Erika, and Rin, with fat Akane, but as Akane (the prog) is gaining there is often humiliation aspects within the game.

Feed My Affection has protag wg and with Ellie’s route there is humiliation and domination from her to the protag depending on your choices.

Chunky Cheerleader has certain events within multiple routes that lean into humiliation (there are few in the patreon exclusive update, as it’s been awhile since I’ve played the demo I don’t recall how much of any of it might be present there.)

To be fair none of the games’ point is this teasing/shaming/humiliation aspect of the game but it is featured heavily in one route in both games. The longer of the two being Fill Me Up as it’s found though most of the game and Feed My Affection being a few scenes within a route. Chunky Cheerleader has a few within multiple routes depending on choices.

I’m sure there are plenty of other titles that feature aspects of this, I can’t think of any that are actually based around the concept of forcing someone to gain/humiliation aspects towards the protag.

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