Seeds of Destiny

Hi everyone,
I’m creating a new JRPG called “Seeds of Destiny”. It is a basic RPG where you are the hero and you and your party have to go and fight off the demons but the only twist is that it as an in depth pseudo pregnancy power based system.

I tend to browse the weight gaming site and see awesome projects from time to time and while this is not direct weight gain, there are options in the game where eating food will speed up the pregnancy so in some sense there is a feeder aspect to the game. In chapter 2, I would recommend getting to the demon nursery dungeon if you are a fan of inflation or in this case “pregflation”.

Hope you enjoy the game and please leave a review so I can see what you guys think. Thanks!

Updated Build: Seeds of Destiny 0.340 (12/24/2021)

Changes in Build 0.340:
-Added Witches Academy Content
-Fixed Several Bugs
-Added new side quest characters
-New CG art for the main character Leah
-New CG art for the character Lilith
-New Title Art
-Various QoL improvements

If your interested in following the game, I strongly recommend you join my discord server as I often give updates as well as access to early builds. Also has a good place to report game bugs.


Hey there! Just finished the demo, it’s not a bad game, but there are a few things that could be changed:

  1. The base enemies have a LOT of HP, makes grinding and fighting them a chore. Especially the boss, if you run out of MP, you can only do a basic back-and-forth with him, and it can take a few minutes.
  2. There are some grammar/spelling errors here and there.
  3. There’s a problem with the Crystal Events, if you do the one in the cave first, the game says you did the other two as well, and when you go back to do the other two, the count will be at negative.

Encountered the same bug as Parnash with the crystals, but I also encountered another thing as well. After “dying” to the boss twice, it vanished. not sure why it did that. also, while in the tavern, I created a seed, and for some reason, the game let me make a second one as well. Some weird bugs right there, if you ask me…

Oh, one thing to keep in mind for the future. Because every enemy gives the exact same amount of power after defeating them, It makes grinding stronger foes essentially pointless. This means if a player finds an area with an encounter with an abundant amount of weak enemies, they’ll be able to become overpowered with relative ease. Good luck with that!

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Well, it’s not pregfat, but I’m glad to see some goddamn preg content on here for once.

EDIT: Alright, played it, here are some thoughts:

  1. The pregression didn’t really feel visually-impactful. We get to see Leah at her max size from the first scene in the game, which sorta deflates any buildup to how big she can get. There are also only 2 stages, which is understandable on your part because you have to make the edits, but also makes it feel like she starts showing just a little and then BAM! FULL TERM! It just makes it less engaging, especially because she doesn’t even get that big when you get down to it (though I think that’s fine for the early-game if she can get bigger late-game). Whether that means she should enter hyper territory is up to you, but I think bigger-than-average should be the max size she can get–you can also work this into gameplay, as though she can drop multiple seeds at once after getting some upgrades.
  2. One thing that can add to the appeal of these sorts of projects is more well-defined characters. Obviously, this isn’t super-intellectual literature, but it’d make Leah more interesting and easier to latch onto from the player’s perspective if she had more personality. She just sorta rolls with the punches here and it takes away the value of the kink-based spectacle. I just think some more enthused reactions to events would go a long way here.
  3. The lore in the intro cutscene is literally Bionicle lore. The good guy made everyone and is basically God, and then her bad brother gets jealous and sends monsters to fuck everything up and he also took her out of commission. This isn’t really a criticism and I doubt you actually care, but I had to get this off my chest.
  4. Some NPC interactions don’t really seem to matter. You can give that kid some cake, and then…nothing. No reward, no event, she just spazzes out a little. Same with that drunkard at the bar. When some of these interactions require you to buy shit, they should feel worthwhile in some way.
  5. The food is really expensive for how little power it gives you. I get that it doubles as a useful mid-combat consumable and that this isn’t a game about feederism, but I think you missed an opportunity here to play with the idea of Leah dealing with cravings and to make eating a regular part of the gameplay loop (though you’d need to nerf the combat power behind cheaper foods, of course).

I think I remember playing a demo of this ages ago.

Wasn’t this by that Darrien-Shields guy who was friends with Saburo-X?

I thought that, too, from just seeing the title. Took me a second to remember Saburo’s old game was Seeds of FATE.

Wbatever happened to Saburo’s game?

Thanks all, I’ll be looking into some of the bugs mentioned and take some of the suggestions mentioned as well. Yes the title is similar to the Seeds of Fate game by Saburo-X and others, partially because that game inspired me to make this one. If anyone who hasn’t played seeds of fate, here is a link Seeds of Fate Demo v2 by Darien-Shields on DeviantArt
I plan to do most of my update notifications for this game on my deviantart page if you want details on future plans and bug fixes. I do plan however to update the google drive here with a small description of the updates to keep things relevant here. Again, thank you for the feed back.

My deviantart page:


Well I have to say this game is well made like the opening cut scene was good but a bit wordy and that there are hidden Crystals you find to power yourself add some fun to the game play also the stone in the town were you can ask for help and reset your stats the ideas are good also am a fan of Seed of fate and in fact still have it on my PC and I love that someone is making a game like it.

there is still some things to work on like… the NPC like more quests or things to do around the towns like a quick mini game to make some money and items also maybe a small heal spell at the start of the game so it is easy to fight the boss and last food if you add more playable character it would be nice if each has a food that they like and add a bonus or something.

I hope to see more from this game this is a very good start and it can only get better.

Just updated the build


The link in the original post seems to require access permissions.

yeah i had the same thing happen to me.

Ok, had to do a quick fix and updated the build again. Should be open to the public again. Sorry I had forgot to remove the access restrictions

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Oof, put me in the group of people confused about the game’s name.
Still, preg is good, but I haven’t played this yet, I don’t play early versions of RPG Maker games, since they’re almost always so samey, and so prone to, well, dying.
Good luck to you regardless, I’m a huge fan of pure belly games like this.

I just played your game and here it’s my opinion:

  1. I like the overall tone of a medieval place, my personal taste but I never get bored of it.
  2. Still the lore it’s a bit cliché, maybe i’m talking too early about it since it’s just 30 minutes of play but by the narrative it’s seems a bit like the classic story about the hero defeating the evil. Psdt: this could work perfectly if you use humor as a tool to make it more enjoyable and less common, but I think the characters took themself and their world too serious.
  3. This might be just me but since the art of the protagonist can be considered “sexy” the battle sprites and overall the chibby characters breaks this esscense, I would say that you try to use a regular proportion on the pixxel sprites so it would fit better, Some RPG creators around here use it and it works perfectly, Grimmic (the creator of Currently Unnamed Stuffing RPG) had ben sharing his work on these sprites on his discord server, you should try it.
  4. It’s a good start, I’m glad that you can give use a new experience, hopefully you’ll keep working on it and you’ll improve your work overtime.

The name is representative to the goddess of fertility in the game and her power affects the main hero which in turn effects the destiny of the world, aka ability to birth divine seeds. A strange concept I can agree with but thought I would go with it.

I cant blame you, seen a lot of unfinished rpgs out there. My specialty for this game mostly is in the coding and getting things to work, art and story however I do tend to struggle with but we will see how things go.

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Thanks for the tip, I saw how to unchibby-fy the sprites from the standerd sprites using the Photoshop program but it seemed like it would take a very long time. Looking at the discord server for the Currently Unnamed Stuffing RPG, some of the sprites there would be perfect. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know if these sprites are free use or need permission from Grimmic. Having a hard time finding any sort of thing that talks about the sprites being open use for other content creators.

Just ask him and he would give you the permission to use it, he’s actually very kind despite being a red box.
Many people had already asked him for this and he has given them permission to use them.


Yeah, Grim is very approachable and can generally be reached through Discord with little issue.
I’m going to make another post with my own thoughts on the game just below.


I gave it a playthrough- rather short for now, obviously. I do like the Seed mechanic, and the art is pretty good for what it needs to be. (admittedly my interest in Preg is pretty situational and mood-dependent)

I think my biggest issue with it right now is how basic combat is. As it stands, Leah gets access to a very very basic toolkit, and it leans hard on the most basic mechanics of an RPG like this. I feel like with the stat flexibility the Seeds give you, there should be more divergent gameplay paths. Though maybe this is intended for a later stage of development.

It was too short for me to make a hugely nuanced opinion on it- but I think the game definitely has potential if you keep at it.