Sims 2, 3 & 4 mods

I’ve been playing around with the sim fatteners mods for a while and was wondering if anyone else knows of weight gain themed mods, or mods that feature weight gain for sims 2, 3 or 4.

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I haven’t played Sims2 in ages so I could be wrong, but I’I don’t recall any such mods for Sims 2 apart from maybe some body replacers. Sims 2 didn’t have much built-in support for reshaping the body in-game. Even pregnancy IIRC was barely noticeable.

Sims 3 I know had a “Weight Gain” virus that looked interesting. I don’t have the link for it but it’s somewhere on this site here. I also remember something about a weight-gain curse for the magical stuff, but I don’t recall where I may have seen it. If I run across it, I’ll post a link for it.

Sims 4 I haven’t a clue with. I never got into it.

As mentioned by @Xarian, here’s a link to a thread discussing the Sims 3 Gro Mod, with relevant links: The Sims 3 Vector mod add-on Gro Virus

Here’s a thread with one persons compilations of fat mods for the Sims 4, they should be easy to find individually in other threads in the General Games category: The Big Fat Sims 4 ModPack

And finally, a whole thread of more general mods featuring weight gain and extra sliders for 4: Sims 4 mods

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Sadly, the reason I have made all the mods I have is because there is a saddening lack of sims fat mods, there is so much untapped potential in these games.


The closest thing to a Sims 3 WG mod I can remember is called Master Controller which allows the player to adjust the body sliders.