SoftFoxxo's Heavy Hunting [COMPLETE DEMO : REV4]

This was a short project I started on Saturday, and pushed through to finish quickly.
Feel free to post your high scores on here! There’s 5 levels, so plenty of opportunity to do the best you can! If you have any trouble with the levels, there’s a handy-dandy reset button - just press “R” or the Left Trigger.

Revision 4 adds WASD for movement, and JK for jumping/running, respectively.
Revision 3 adds a (skippable by pressing Start on your gamepad, or anything on the keyboard) intro cutscene before the title, and some polish (countdown before the level starts, and fading between rooms).
Revision 2a adds controller support! If you have a controller connected, it will show controller prompts in the level select, but you can still use the keyboard. Disconnect the controller to show keyboard prompts again! Bear in mind that the analog stick doesn’t work in menus.
Revision 1 fixes a crash for when the timer runs out!

Created using the newly-released Game Maker Studio 2.3!
Music is from Opengameart’s Public Domain entries.

Arrow keys/WASD: Move around
Z/J key: Jump / Select
X/K key: Run / Cancel
R key: Reset the Level

D-Pad/Analog Stick: Move around (D-Pad only for menus)
A/B button: Jump / Select
X/Y button: Run / Cancel
Left Trigger: Reset the Level

Revision 4: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Revision 3: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Revision 2a: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Revision 1: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Original Version: Dropbox - - Simplify your life


Cute game! Mechanically seems to work well and I didn’t experience any bugs. Sprites were really well made. The only complaints I have are basically nitpicks. On level 3 it was a bit difficult to get back up to the fat dispenser if I missed the very first jump but once I figured out how much higher a running jump takes you it was fine. Also the music was a bit loud when I first started it but it was fine once I went into the volume mixer.

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Short but sweet and I loved the mechanics :slight_smile:

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simple, straightforward, and surprisingly rigid, control-wise. I loved every bit of it, including both the speed meter at the top left, and the staggering.

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Cute little game, pretty nice in concept

Part of me hopes for bigger sizes, but you can feel free to ignore that, heheh…

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Definitely some solid mechanics/ideas here, and though its short that was to be expected for a quickly made project. Very nice work!

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Good stuff. My main gripe is that you need to hold x to jump higher in some spots, but this only works while you’re moving, making it really awkward to nail that jump in a tight spot where you don’t have a lot of room for a running start. Also, all tanks look the same even though some don’t let you chug to your maximum size. Other than that, it’d be neat to see more levels, and maybe more mechanics/stages if you have a good way to implement them.

Yoo, this is some good stuff here. Too bad its short. That is my only gripe with this game.

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unsure if anyone else is having this problem but i can’t do a running jump to the left, for some reason holding left and X won’t allow Z to work for the jump. I can do a running jump to the right however. also when the timer runs out the game crashes

That’s odd. I had no problems doing running jumps to the left.

The reset button is appreciated for failed jumps. Some of the running jumps were a little precise but I don’t think anything was too difficult. A quick platformer that incorporates the theme well! Solid framework for a demo that can be built up from for a full game experience following the jam.

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Thank you for telling me about the crash! I completely missed this one at the last minute, and it’s fixed in Revision 1.
For doing a running jump while going left, there shouldn’t be any particular issues there. I just checked it now before uploading Rev1, so maybe check on your PC’s Sticky Keys? That’s my only guess, sadly.

Maybe it’s on my end, but I can’t quite get the running jump to work right when heading left.
It won’t let me jump no matter what.

I’ll look into it, but I haven’t come up with anything like that in testing so far. If I find something on my end, then I’ll put it into a second revision before the Jam’s final date.

If it helps any, I was playing on the size setting that was below fullscreen

Out of curiosity, are your inputs showing up properly in the bottom-left when you’re in a level?

This is good it feel like a old school Mario game but the jumping needs work you can easily fall off things.

i did notice that the jump inputs were not registering at all. BUT, when i tried an external keyboard aside from my laptops built in one it did work just fine

Good to know! Sounds like it’s that keyboard in particular, because after doing some digging I cannot find any other similar situation online. That is pretty strange, though. If I happen to find anything that could help, I’ll be sure to point it out if I make a second revision.

Very fun, and honestly well made. It’s simplistic, but that isn’t always a bad thing. I’d love to see more from you! whether it’s new levels or new games, you honestly have talent!

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Hey for those having trouble with their keyboards, the numpad also works. For whatever reason I couldn’t run RIGHT and jump at the same time but the numpad counted apparently. Worked like a charm.

I take that back, for whatever reason I can’t run LEFT and jump with the numpad.

No idea lol

Great game btw!