Survival weight gain games?

Looking for games where you have to survive, but also gain weight. Think of a game like Don’t Starve, or Minecraft, even Starbound. Really just games where you survive over a period of time, but can also gain weight.

Anything helps. With all that said, hope you all have a swell day! :smiley:


Survival weight gain games sound like a really underrated and extremely fun genre


I remember seeing one here about having to pack on the pounds in order to survive a winter storm, but unfortunately, drawing a big blank on the name.


i’ve been really interested in this concept, too! maybe it’s getting close to winter, and the protagonist needs to pack on pounds to stay warm, and then explores the wilderness to gather as many resources as possible


Perhaps this may work for you, even if it only goes up to three days:

Here’s this one as well, far more complete compared to the top:


Project Zomboid on Steam: you can gain weight based on consumed calories. You get slower as you become

Dino System on Steam: survive among dinosaurs. Character appearance changes when you get fatter


@Seeker9043 Thank you for the text games! I’m actually an avid fan of text games, I think the fact that it’s nearly solely text makes for very interesting graphics! (The graphics of course being the thoughts while you play the games. Due to no images being present, it really allows you to twist certain parts of the game to your liking.)

@dj_sharp I’m a proud owner of Project Zomboid! Though, admittedly I’m god awful at it :joy:. However, upon seeing Dino System for the first time, I’ll admit- it looks great! Not too expensive either, and it has a similar look to Darkwood, a fantastic game! Thank you so much for the recommendations!

@pikakipz1 Oh for sure, I actually remember playing it! Wasn’t too long of a game, and unfortunately, I too forgot what it was called :pensive:. That being said, definitely a fun little game! You might be able to find it here if you’re determined to play it: A user maintained list of games (for those wondering what the game looked like if you want to know what to look for, it was kinda top down, with pixel-y graphics, from what I remember. I also think the character was solid white(?) with a blue shirt(?) )

With that said, thank you to all who submitted responses! In my search for finding a survival weight gain game, I even found a game called World Of Horror on steam, which has a weight gain mod! World Of Fatties - A World Of Horror Mod (New Update)
From what I can tell, it might be a survival-ish based game, and this mod would add the weight gain aspects. I bought it anyways, and plan on trying it out! Will leave my response on the game when I get the chance, in case any of you want a similar experience, but don’t know if y’all want to buy it.


In case you haven’t heard of it, there’s a huge weight gain and fat mod for Starbound with its own category here on the forums.


Mega delayed, but I finally found the game!

Weighting out the Storm (Kanto Ruki’s Submission) - Gain Jam / Fat Fortnight 7/2019 - Weight Gaming


Ooh, I played this game for a long time)