The Burnt v1.1 - Post Gain Jam release with a new ending!

With the stress of the Gain Jam over, I decided to release an update to my game with some things I didn’t have time to add, and some changed based on player feedback.

Major updates include
-Added encounter at end of Cleric route
-Added sixth ending
-Reworked tutorial
and a few minor tweaks detailed in the changelog

The Burnt is an atmospheric first person game set in a nearly abandoned town. In The Burnt, you play as an ethereal specter with mere minutes before their surrounding area succumbs to ruin. If you so choose, follow one of the three warriors who have summoned you, aiding them along the way as their unseen, nudging helper. You’ll need energy from the surrounding area to touch much of anything, though, and for as much as you can scour, the clock is ticking…


  • Low Poly Visuals,
  • Six Unique Endings,
  • Three Fattening Encounters,
  • A Bleak Setting and Storyline,
  • Characters with Thoughts and Spoken Words,
  • Hidden Lore,
  • Two Sheep,
  • Two Textures,
  • Thirty Energy Orbs.

WASD to move
E to interact
ESC to pause



For players of the original release, I encourage you to see the bonus scene at the end of the Cleric’s route and no, it’s not the cleric beast, and then search for the sixth ending. I know an issue with my game is it’s lack of explanation, and this is made to be obscure, but I well and truly believe that anyone who enjoyed the game will have a rewarding experience completing the sixth ending.

Find ZippZ’s guide to the original five endings here:


Colour me intrigued! Downloading now~

Very cool. I won’t spoil the secret ending nor the process for it, but it went in a slightly different way than I had expected. It was fun to see that you could indeed choose either direction to move in!

I freely admit I might be dense, but I didn’t see anything change in the Cleric ending. Was there a scene somewhere that I missed?

Lovely game either way, perfectly timed for spooky season imo. Even if I’m definitely going to need a guide for that new hidden ending. xD

Take a step outside.

Aha I am indeed dense!

I THINK I might have figured out the secret ending as well, something I can’t figure out but I’ll PM so I don’t spoil it in public

you mind throwing me a pm as well i cant seem to figure it out either

please send the pm being like the other two im dumb dumb

Man, I’m really happy with new content. Here are my more detailed thoughts;

I like the change with the cleric’s ending, makes things feel that much more tragic, and really adds to the sense of hopelessness.

As for the new ending, let me just say that I’m so glad it wasn’t a happy ending (or at least that how I interpreted it). I was sort of scared of it being one when I first saw this topic. This game’s atmosphere is not worth sacrificing for such a thing. I’m don’t understand what really happened in the ending, but I like the vagueness of it, and the questions it creates.

So ya, great additions to the base game. I loved it.


I agree, it’s a “best ending” of sorts that still respects the narrative it’s built upon.


thank you for the pm

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Might I grab the secret ending too? I’ve got no ideas

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Since a lot of people are having difficulties, here’s hint number 1

Behind the Hearth, there’s something that wasn’t there before.

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it’d be cool if there was a casual mode where there’s no time limit?

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Thanks for the feed back, but after taking some time to consider this, I can’t really see a purpose in it. All I can see an unlimited time and/or energy mode doing is letting complete all three character quest lines at once, but considering they all take place in different locations, I don’t think this results in much either. Perhaps an easy mode with some extra time and energy, but even then I feel like there’s not enough mechanical depth to require drawing out the play time further, nor any sandbox interactions that would be interesting. I feel the biggest challenge is just knowing where to go and find energy. I’m more than open to hearing if you had your own ideas for a more approachable casual mode, though.


Well personally i really felt like there wasn’t enough time, i couldn’t finish any endings because the time kept running out especially when the characters glitch out and it won’t let me use my energy on them


I feel stupid a the moment, I did what I though would lead to the secret “happy” ending but only to fail

I feel like I’m missing something even though I’m sure I did it right, unless there something else I missed

Instructions unclear, took a step outside and nothing changed.

Edit: I am dumb.


Hey everyone, just wanna say two things;
First of all, I’ve finally made an page for my game, you can go support me there and you can definitely expect more low poly fat games in the near future!

And second, Happy Halloween!


Oh I just tried it myself!

Try walking backwards.

Very neat game, really interesting theme with the threat looming over the village the entire time.