The Tower of Gluttony [v1.3] - Text-based WG Roguelike

Hi all, long time lurker here. I’ve been making this game on and off for a while now, and it’s now at a point where I’d consider it “complete”, so here it is:

The Tower of Gluttony

The Tower of Gluttony is a roguelike dungeon-crawler made in Twine, featuring:

  • Weight gain
  • Turn based combat inspired by DnD, where action outcomes are decided by rolling a D20
  • A variety of random encounters
  • Four unique boss fights
  • AI generated images

Each floor of the tower is comprised of five encounters, and every five floors is a boss. The enemies will get more difficult as you ascend, and you’ll also find more powerful weapons and items. Consuming food heals you and increases your weight, which in turn increases your maximum health.

Plot Synopsis:

In a world where the seven deadly sins manifest as colossal towers, one last tower stands undefeated – The Tower of Gluttony. The magic within the tower speeds up the metabolism of any who dare enter, while also amplifying the healing benefits of any food eaten. Many have attempted the climb, returning significantly more …round than when they left. Some who enter the tower are simply never seen again.

The time has come for you to brave the heights of this ancient tower and perhaps become the first to conquer it. Where others have failed, will you find the strength to persevere? Or will the tower’s dense, sweet allure become your most decadent downfall?

Play the Game

Play the game in your browser on itch: The Tower of Gluttony by CriticalMongoose

The download also contains the uncompiled twee source files (which I find easier to navigate than the native twine app). Feel free to adapt any of the code for your own projects.


I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for the game!


Great game! I think you did a really good job on balancing keeping the mechanics simple but still making them deep enough to be engaging.

As far as balance goes there were a few times where I just got RNG’d out, like I think one battle I missed 5 attacks in a row and the goblin hit me 4 times in a row and that was it. Unlikely and just a by-product of random rolls, but still it happaned. I know some games do a sneaky on the back end to nudge the odds to make it more likely to roll high after rolling low, but I don’t think it would fit this game. The fact that saving is so easy and the game is relatively short it never felt that bad when I lost. I also particularly liked the final boss fight and the gastromancer fight, they were really smart. The other fights were also good, just those two stood out to me.


Thanks, glad you liked it!
Yeah, RNG do be like that sometimes. There should be a system in place where if you miss three times in a row the next hit is guaranteed, but I guess it’s not working :sweat_smile:

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This was fun, I played with back arrows enabled so I don’t know that I can speak to balance but the gameplay loop was enjoyable - maybe making multi attack weapons spread their targets out to help with crowd control? Biggest absence imo was lack of player artwork. That’s a lot of additional generations to add so I get not having it but there was a sense of it being missing.

It’s impressive/appreciated that you released this in such a finished state though & with no bugs to report on my end which is unusual for a twine project.


The game was kinda decent. I admit I’m not a fan of Dungeons and Dragons so I guess I’m not the best person to judge this, but it’s still better than most other weight gain titles I’ve tried. I really frickin’ hated the RNG though, it’s almost as bad as Fire Emblem’s

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Really like the game, the battle system is nice and you have the option to make it easier with the arrow option. Although i really want more of this, maybe some bigger enemies, queen stages or random encounters like fat and thin goblins asking for food.

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I’ve just thought of something else. It would be fun to defeat goblins and other human enemies by feeding them whatever food you’ve got in your inventory, practically making them too fat to even move and attack you

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Had alot of fun with this one, it feels like the kind of game I’ve been wanting to play for a while. The current gameplay loop is pretty enjoyable, and I think that the different kind of “build paths” you can go with agility vs. accuracy and staying thin vs. getting fat is really interesting and is something that hasn’t really been executed super well in other games like it.

It’s a super solid base as is, though I do think the game would benefit from some balance changes/small content additions. Currently, winning a run felt a bit too easy to me. My first run I was able to brute force the final boss with a ton of agility and solid enough weapons, while on my second run I intentionally gained a bunch of weight and still wiped the floor with the final boss thanks to the mechanic where she gets too fat (I played with history controls disabled, by the way).

All the various fights were fun and creative, but honestly it felt pretty impossible for fat to ever become a lose condition. If that was intentional, cool, but if not, then maybe consider tuning up current fattening attacks/events or potentially adding more. Like, some of the fights felt a little weird in that regard. All kinds of enemies like the slimes, gastromancer, ice cream sorceress, and so on seem like they would try to fatten the player, and then they kinda just… don’t. I don’t want to harp on this too much in case I’m projecting a vision onto the game that you don’t want, but the saccharine sorceress also felt like a really good example. She casts a spell that makes you hungrier, and then basically does nothing with it. Personally, I would make fat provide slightly increased health and healing, while also becoming more of a potential way to lose by giving enemies more ways to fatten the player, giving it more of a risk/reward element.

Regardless, though, I still thoroughly enjoyed the current content, and I’m excited to see if anything gets expanded upon in the future. Great work.


Really fun game!

On my 1st playthrough I focused on only charisma, but didn’t feel like the stat did much, asides from a few random events, and had to rely on rng manipulation haha.

2nd playthrough, with the help of the secret dev commands, was able to find the chain of chaos and found it really fun and satisfying to use! Also, this time, I used the alternate method to defeat the final boss, good stuff!

The ai art generation quality was great! And the only bug I think I encountered was sometimes exiting the item menu would cause the final boss to immediately act.

Last thoughts, the game would have benefitted from player images, but the flavor text did the job well enough. I see a lot of potential in an expansion by focusing more on the vore aspect to include more enemies or even the people you run into (but that may be straying from the original concept)

Thank you for sharing your game!


Really nice game here but if their is one issue i have is with the final boss, i hate she can keep spawning mobs constantly making the fight really unfair but possible with a bit of luck.

Yeah, you really need to be lucky. You’ve gotta buy a lot of items to make it easier


Great game! Good job, especially with the writing.


Funnily enough, Fire Emblem has some of the best rng. It will make two rolls for attacks for you, and takes the better roll. You might jist have terrible luck my friend.


Nice cute game, yes the RNG can be annoying, can take you a few tries to get a run going, but a lot of nice things overall!


Malestrom axe my beloved. Honestly it feels like if you have a good weapon go for accuracy, and if you don’t go for agility. This also could use more more. Since it’s made with AI generating lots of art to depict both the player and some of the NPCs should be a cinch.


Really cool game! I ended up revisiting the final boss to try and see different outcomes.

I had a run where I saved all of my food for the last boss to kill (or devour) every enemy that was spawned and use my food items whenever I needed health or wasn’t full and It felt pretty cool how my character was showing to be more gluttonous than the boss only at the very end of the game. Wish there was some kind of route where you could take the throne or something. It was a good experience, thank you.


I assume it would just be another bad ending, but it still seems pretty cool

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This game is very well made and fun to play! Thanks for making it!


Is there any plans to have images for the player - or perhaps a ‘look at self’ option?


Thanks for the feedback! I agree that the game is a little on the easy side. I suppose I wanted to avoid the game being too frustrating or too dependent on good RNG to win. Difficulty is a tough one because everyone has different preferences when it comes to the amount of challenge.

Earlier in development I did have it so that becoming too fat was a game over, but ended up removing that feature as I felt it wasn’t fun and I decided that I didn’t want to punish the player for gaining weight.