A Bellyful Life: A Stuffing Inflation Sandbox WG Visual Novel [v 0.4.0] (Major Update Dec 21st 2023)


GAME LINK :link: (also works on phone :iphone:)


Ever wanted to be able to do extremely abusive things towards your belly such as stuffing it to the brim with food, air, water, 24/7 and be able to do the same with everyone else (and also gain a ton of weight in the process)? Well look no further because your absolutely abusive belly dreams can be fulFilled here! (Sorry its 2 am as I’m typing this)

(This is only 50%, play to see their max possible sizes!)

In this belly fever dream of a VN, you can:

  • Inflate yourself and others through the mouth or bottom, with many many things around the house and throughout town. From air pump, water faucets to shower hose and garden hose.
    • You can also just turn on hackerman mode and use portals to teleport food straight into everyone’s stomach!

  • Emotionally manipulate Slowly convince others to join your belly abusing cause. You can either increase their desire to inflate or gain weight by progressing through their plot, or just invite them over to your place and let them watch you abuse your own belly.
  • Live out your fantasy belly abusing life in detail as the game world keeps track of time to the minute. Everyone has their own schedule to keep (unless you abused their tummies a bit too much and they end up in the hospital for a while)

So what are you waiting for? There’s a vibrant world with many detailed sceneries and locations to explore(that are totally not public domain pictures ran over a cartoonize filter), and many characters with cute bellies to inflate and stuff to the brim with whatever you want!

(It’s nearly 3am now I swear I’ll fix the prompt in the morning)

OK that had a little bit of false advertising

What’s missing right now:

  • You and others can gain weight, but not visually yet. I need more time to render all the different fat stages
  • Nobody goto the hospital from over inflating yet, I haven’t gotten the bursting mechanic down
  • The rest are true I swear o3o

Current content gives approx40 mins of playtime:

  • The player has the most inflation scenes, can utilize any available inflation sources throughout the house (sink faucets, shower/garden hose)
  • Other characters mostly only has their sink inflation scene rendered, check the provided guide to see which character has what scenes
  • 5 Characters with many scenes and dialogues
    • Each character has their own daily routine that you can join them to get closer
    • Once a certain likability level is reached, you can ask them to inflate themselves, or take them out to eat and watch them stuff themselves full with food
    • You can also feed them food yourself, although how much you can feed them at a time is limited by their desire to stuff food (and gain weight).
  • A ton of different shops selling foods and various tools to aid your inflation crusade (air pump, water bottle)


I’ve setup a translation project page for the game if you want to help translate. Please feel free to drop by and check it out! You can select any languages, and translate any part of the dialogues.



Obviously the game has no title right now and I don’t want it to be nameless. Here are some candidates:

I’d rather you suggest your own name for the game though

  • A Bellyful Slice of Life
  • Crimes Against the Tummy
  • Kinky Belly Sandbox

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(Bellyful life is probably trademarked somewhere so not a choice)

What happened to Portal Stuffing?

After a loooong time of development (~2 years) I finally realized that its kinda impossible to make a meaningful, engaging game around the only main concept of stuffing everyone with portals. So I remade the VN and improved my custom framework into this monstrosity. I kept some of the portal stuffing plot and characters, but changed the premise from you being an active college student to you being an upcoming college student who is spending their summer doing quirky things.


I really hope you manage some massive sizes in this, at some point. Maybe romance elements, too - as well as perhaps things like BE (or at least not leaving the boobs out of the weight gain, like most do)?

My requisite thirst out of the way, maybe “Growing Influence” as a title?


Oof, was wondering where the new thread was going to go, was getting a bit worried.

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Small Update: Fixed Aria event sequence. She went from the “rescue” event straight to the pump event the next day (fixed now)

Thanks, sadly I can’t modify the poll :frowning: When I get more suggestions I’ll make a new pool!

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I think I’m going to go with A Bellyful Slice of Life, Growing Influence sounds a little too similar to Growth Academy


Romance elements are definitely planned! Although for now it’ll be mostly yuri (girl’s love).

Unfortunately, the size of the game and the number of renders I have to make will grow exponentially if I add other growing body parts.


I’m just hoping for a nice, big, max size. I doubt you’ll go this big, but I wish more games had sizes like SFOAS. I love interactive weight gain games with multiple characters, so I’m looking forward to this.


I can definitely make their bellies SUPER big, it will take time as I need to manually edit the sprites. Right now the belly enlargement is made with Koikatsu’s Pregnancy + mod

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Could it be possible to turn off the gagging and puking? The sound and concept is a huge turn off

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Probably already mentioned somewhere, but you can portal-feed girls the bike pump when portals are turned off (including them saying “yum!” It doesn’t seem to do anything, but it eats up one of the pump’s uses for some reason.
It looks like if you try to do it with portals turned ON, it just pretends you didn’t try using the pump on her at all and just asks if you want to inflate yourself via mouth or butt instead.

I’m not really expecting inflating others like this to be implemented yet, though, just weirded out by how it’s handling things right now.

oops apparently they think the pump is food. Have you ever gave your friend a hand pump and they try to eat it? No? I should probably fix this


if given the option, always pick the pun name, always

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Being a lesbian, I wholly support yuri romance. Giving others a fair shake is always better for a broad audience, but I would be content as a player with just yuri…so that’s good to hear. <3

If you’re going to do weight gain, and not just stuffing/inflation, could you at least make sure not to forget that the breasts would grow bigger, too. It’s super weird how many games forget that the breasts are deposits of fat that do, in fact, get fatter with the rest of you - for some women, faster than other parts, even if it’s slower for others. I cannot stress how unsatisfying it is to be able to be a blob but still have no boobs (or ‘reasonable-sized’ ones, when nothing else about you even approaches reasonable). I just want huge boobs I can’t see past, if I’m already massive and basically helpless, instead of little things that might as well be moobs or pancakes painted over the top of the belly…




Small Update:

  • Added toggle for vomit sound in settings
  • Fixed elusive bug where people you invite over don’t leave
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To cut down on render counts, each girl could specialize in one (1) alternate thing, so say Girl A is the only one who can have her breasts inflated, while Girl C is the only one with blob slob scenes, and Girl E gets a series of scenes involving her chugging live fish from a fish tank or something.
Maybe Girl H could work at a lab and something science-y happens to her in a plotline?
Each of these scenes would be entirely exclusive to one girl each, and maybe even requires them to be a certain weight class under certain circumstances, so you’re not having to render 20 pics over and over again for each weight and each girl.

There’s no reason to have every weight class and every type of scene for every girl, but that doesn’t mean it’s not entirely out of the question to have a little special something-something here and there when it’s convenient for you to add it in.


I’ve got some time to burn, so I’m going to waste it throwing out a bunch of random suggestions.
Outside of that suggestion above, I’ve got some more:

  1. Tweak air inflation to have an overflow system, if you overinflate via bowels, it travels further up into the stomach. Also vice-versa. For balance, air inflation doesn’t increase stamina cap gain when jogging or swimming. (I used to inflate IRL, it ACTUALLY works like this, not kidding.)
  2. Object stuffing (via portals, maybe?), talking things like beach balls, bowling balls, balloons, etc. Only round stuff, so it doesn’t need any new renders. Whereas regular inflation/stuffing wears off over time, object stuffing is a solid on/off, maybe even pausing all digestion until it’s removed? Heck, even just a plug would be neat, I guess.
  3. Plugs, both for you and for your guests. Pauses release, but is uncomfortable to hold in for long periods of time. Maybe one of the girls is into being dommed and that can be a tie-in thing for her?
  4. Can’t go wrong with a lewd job or two in the future. Maybe we can eventually get a tie-in to that Stretchy Streamer minigame and have our girl (girls?) posing in front of a webcam for money?
  5. Maybe a cramp system? With anyone who’s new to inflation, cramping can be a concern. Basically, there’d be a warning on the screen as someone’s inflating, and if you pause the minigame when the warning shows up, you’ll be fine, but if you DON’T pause it, it’ll give you a debuff that temporarily lowers your max capacity for an hour or two. (Then again, cramping via inflation IRL only happens with anal inflation. Would it be worth it to add an entire mechanic to only one of the two kinds of inflation?)
  6. Random events you can come across when traveling, some good, some bad. Skip all of them by taking the taxi everywhere.
  7. Upgrades for the apartment, large and small.
  8. New girl, science/gadget themed.
  9. Unlockable games/channels/movies for the TV? Nothing for us, the player, to watch or play, but stuff like putting on a Willy Wonka knockoff to get visitors to like inflation more, or playing a Fat Princess knockoff in multiplayer to get them to like stuffing while building their relationship stat, IDK. Maybe the games/movies are all named after content from Weight Gaming, just as a dumb way to help advertise games made by our community?
  10. I can’t tell if it’s in the game or not, but a carbonation mechanic? Have soda (and any other future carbonated drinks) give you a debuff that produces gas for a little while, even if it’s just reusing the gas pill’s effects with a much shorter duration.
  11. Puffkissing.

Eh, no.
I’m not the dev, but something like that would increase the amount of work literally 100x, and also make the game itself have a filesize about 100x, too.
The only way that would be worth it is if the game WASN’T a VN and the models were all actually live and animated inside the game and not a bunch of pictures, and I’m sure FieryLion isn’t a 3D modeler, 3D animator, or a 3D coder.

What is the noise pill for?

So, it seems like the girls have schedules for events and the such, will there be ways to mess with that?