A poll related to vore and fats.

This is an interest check of sorts to get a pulse for a potential idea I have in the works with someone. Do you like vore on its own, only as an accompaniment to the fat stuff, or not at all?

  • No vore
  • Only as an accompaniment to weight gain
  • I like vore on its own, too

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I feel like elaborating my position can be helpful.

I enjoy vore because I enjoy insatiable appetites, and what demonstrates appetite more than being so desperate that you eat another person? Obviously I vastly prefer it being paired with fat, but I can enjoy it on its own if it’s the right piece.


Would love a vore game on its own, but paired with WG would make it super awesome.

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I wavered a bit between “no vore” and “only with weight gain.” In general, I relate to what firesoul10 said about vore as an expression of an insatiable appetite; in that way, I can see it as a natural fit for certain weight gain stories. However, there are a lot of different flavors of vore, and some of them are pretty unpalatable for me.

  • For starters, almost any vore involving other orifices (anal vore, unbirthing, etc.) is an automatic hard pass for me. Even the ones not involving the genital area would be going pretty far into body horror territory and away from fatty fun times.
  • Then there’s the distinction between “soft” and “hard” (violent) vore. Graphic images or descriptions of the victim being chewed up into bloody bits are not my idea of a fun time. Maybe if they were played for horror and not too graphic, I could stomach a bit of it, but I’d still much prefer to avoid it.
  • And finally, there’s the question of victims who remain alive (at least for a while) after being eaten. Stuff like visible kicking, squirming, and hand impressions doesn’t bother me as much as gratuitous blood and guts, but it still feels like something out of a horror movie to me. If the victim is supposed to make some sort of miraculous escape, then I might not mind it too much, but generally speaking, the thought of the victim slowly suffocating or being digested is a downer for me.

TL;DR: If there’s going to be vore, I would prefer for it to be an accompaniment to weight gain, and I’d be more comfortable if the victim were swallowed whole via mouth and then never heard from again.


I love vore on its own as long as it isn’t bloody. I would much rather have it without weight gain, but I’ll take what I can get!

Hard pass on vore. I’ve never found anything interesting about it and it feels way too dark for me.


I have a guilty pleasure in nipple/cleavage vore. I have to be in a certain kind of mood for it, but they tie in with my interest in breast expansion and lactation, so I’d prefer one or both of those and/or weight gain to be involved, since this sidesteps my appetite angle. Otherwise, I agree.

Points two and three are likewise more or less what I feel. I’m ok to the point of the victim kicking a few times for a “yep, they’re in there” and then glossing over the rest of it. I feel like The Great Escape™ defeats the point of vore as a fetish (at least from the pred angle), and while I’m sure some people can get into the scenario from the victim’s perspective, I can’t.


Cannibalism isn’t my thing

See cannibalism isn’t my thing either, when it gets like TOO realistic, I’m just like fuck, that sucks… like I like vore as an act of insatiability, like growing so massive that anything is a meal since you can’t feel full. I’m in it for the WG implications/size growth. Like realistic/hard stuff isn’t my thing though in some cases I can get it. Like I like vore straight up tbh and I like wg, I definitely started into wg then gradually got into vore but whenever I see some models roleplay vore or people who just casually vore tons of people and then just go back to being skinny or just gain huge tits (there’s one artist I won’t name who I have the biggest love/hate relationship with, their OC wlll eat her college classroom, pretend to feel bad for 5 minutes then just complain about having to go to the gym b/c massive tits, like fuuuu) anyway.

So I’ll link games that are good examples
Some Bullshit This is a great example of a MC who can eat ungodly amounts of anything and not gain weight but in his case he made it clear Emmy? feels bad and has no interest in eating people no matter how hungry she gets, like she has been able to finish kegs, eat ungodly amounts of stuff and finish animals whole but she doesn’t want too, and that’s okay, In this case I don’t think vore is necessary and the I think she would only do it by accident like in the new area of the game where you can make wishes or in the vore extras that aren’t canon but in this game with emmie ability I can see her realistically doing it to save her friends or if she gets an evil route (though I’m still not sold on esse being fully good…) anyway this game doesn’t need Emmie to vore and gives a good enough reason tho I want it b/c I’m into it.

Project Fat Perfect example, she gets bigger, starts eating people and eventually after eating and losing karma you can’t even talk to people and just see them as food. This is okay, like it’s her gluttony she succumbed too and she doesn’t even see people as people anymore. But if you stay good you can just vore enemies/bad guys which still gets you big but maybe some enemies are harder. basically she can’t eat everyone at a small size, but as she gets bigger and bigger it may be easier to snag a person or 2… or 10.

Retired Hero with this one I feel like with one of the characters there should have been some vore or potential at least if this was a longer game. Like this was a straightforward wg game, very good, I’ll always name drop it but w/one of the ladies, she gets so massive and eats so much vore just makes sense, like in these cases for example she eats some pigs in like 3 gulps if this were a long extended game I feel like there should be vore since if you can swallow a fish or pig or something you should be able to eat a person. For people that gluttoneous in games/art/whatever I feel like its a progression if they get to super massive size it should happen.

But ya I like it if it progresses a story, if the character is gluttonous/for wg purposes/or if it makes sense. But like in Some BS when ya have a character like that no need for it, stuffing or gaining weight w/o cannibalism is cool. Or w/a supermassive person it’s okay if there’s no canon action of them being able to swallow fish whole or food w/o chewing.

That’s a long as way of saying I think vore is cool if there’s wg/gluttony involved…

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It’s spelled “Emmie” with an i-e. =P

Nuanced take. I get your stance, it’s pretty similar to mine, as I detailed way up there somewhere.

So, after a lot of time leaving this poll on its own, I can see that this is a much more divisive topic than I initially had suspected! But I can see why, in hindsight. Vore certainly isn’t for everyone.

Most likely, in the idea I have here, vore would be completely optional, and you could access all content without vore, but the vore content wouldn’t be taking a backseat either.

As for my own two cents on the topic, personally I used to only like weight gain. Gradually, however, I came to like vore only as an accompaniment to weight gain, as a fast and fun way to fatten up someone. Then I came to like the act itself. The sheer gluttony, greed, and selfishness on display to eat a whole other person is insanely fun to think about. It’s fun, too, to tease the predator about how fat they’ve gotten and how tasty of a meal they themselves would be, though personally I’d never take advantage of something like that.

Anyway, expect to hear something more from me on this idea! The person I’ve been talking to and I both might bring a fresh perspective to a couple things that already have a place here on this forum that many among you might enjoy.