A user maintained list of games

Found a short two-key battle game here that was interesting: Eat or Fight by TeamTailnut.

Seems was mentioned a while back in this post but not called out here.

would it be appropriate for me to add Demoneater: https://t3ns3n.itch.io/demoneater

As far as I know it’s got: male, female, wg, hyper, vore,
that’s all i can recollect as of right now

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are we sticking with wg or weight gain?

Found the start of another short inflation game here with a timing mechanism: INFLATION Inc. by KannaScape.

I don’t think there’s a thread on this here already, couldn’t find one. (I haven’t figured out how to unlock the last thing in the shop yet…)

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I hope at the last Revision of May 2nd there were no new games added to the list, as everything is green and it’s hard to know which ones are new and which ones have been there already.

Looking at the raw edit, the person changed the formatting of the page so it’s spaced between entries, but they also added “Adventures of Shirou” to the list