Food Therapy 🍔 [Major Update 12-29-2020] (Interactive WG Feeding Game)

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Work as a therapist to discover your patient’s cravings and stuff them to the brim. Watch as they grow horizontally for every session. There are currently four sessions per patient.

You can play it on your phone too

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Next steps:

  • WIP: Patient Creator for anyone to make their own patients for others to play with!
  • Dynamic craving system that allows patient to discover what she likes to eat, and prefer to eat the same foods more
  • Behavior changes for each session, such as faster chewing speeds, no longer need forks or spoons on big foods
  • New dialogues for each session (dialogue system already done, just need some actual writing help me I cant write))

This was pretty good. A thing I think you could do to improve it is to move the trash can a bit further to the right, I lost a bunch of food to it by mistake either by other foods pushing it in there or by nudging it with the handle of the fork.

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Pretty cool game, but I think dialogue text speed should be faster by default. The UI design and graphics could use some work and the gameplay itself is alright, if not a bit tiring.
Good job!

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Minor Update (v 0.12)

  • Made trashcan smaller and to the right
  • Made menu text larger
  • Added cheat (press ctrl)
  • Reduced volume of trance music
  • Her bite speed increases every session
  • Made microphone glows near pressure spots (for those who can’t play sound)

i really love the concept also the artwork is good and the mechanics to but maybe you need some more weight stages of let them evolve to a fatty stage after 3 stages. but really awesome game thumps up :slight_smile:

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It’s a great start! I think working on the weight stages would be good. Are you planning on adding more patients, maybe with different body types?

I really really want to, but as you can see, I’m not a very good artist. It took me 6 hours just to draw her (using design doll’s model as base).

Pretty cool, the updates definitely improved things and it’ll be nice to see these features added to FF.

I think the constant request to change the music is annoying. I think it would be better to have to learn music and food taste preference for each girl by talking to them and if you guess correctly they are more motivated to eat. The better the environment the more they eat per session. You need a lose condition for the player, maybe a time limit and if you don’t meet their goal weight/calorie intake in time you lose.
You could also do some neurotic personality traits that would be interesting as an obstacle for the player, like maybe one patient won’t eat anything unless you serve it too them with a fork, and maybe another won’t take a bite of food if her mouth is too dirty. Each patient could come with their own unique set of challenges. Just my $.02, feel free to take what you like and discard what you don’t.

I wonder…could it be possible to make them immobile in the final game?

I’ve noticed that the three levels of fatness repeat themselves.

It’s still beta, so that is excusable… for now X3

Content Update 06-23-2019 (v 0.13)

  • Added two new patients, using models (and personalities) from my upcoming portal stuffing VN
  • Added more foods
  • Favorite foods mechanic: after the first session, you’ll know the patient’s favorite foods, and sometimes, the patient craves any favorite food (you can feed them any of the favorite food and they’ll eat)
  • Added new dialogues for the following sessions (improvements, how they see their new body…) not much added though.

Quick Patch:

  • Added drinks
  • Added small hint on next food craving
  • Added extended burp sounds when patients are at their third session (credit Bel#0670 for sounds)
  • Fixed bug when they change their minds too quickly

Some dialogues (eating, wrong food…) are still default (same for each patient). I need to upgrade the dialogue system to make them unique for each girl in the next update.

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I have a request…could you make it more obivious about wanting a change of food/music? Sometimes the feedee girl would ask for one food, then suddenly change her mind, which is kinda frustrating.

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Have you tried asking them for their favourite food and whatnot in the talk option? I forgot about it while I was playing but it really helps once you know that it’s there.

I think he means that they change their minds too quickly, I’m fixing it

I made a small patch

Your wish has been granted!


The game is really promissing :wink: . Great job so far!

Thanks! Next update will come in a few days