Male weight gain games

Since most of the weight gain games are female weight gain i wanted to find some male weught gain games. So do you know any? Possibly on mobile? Thx


Welcome to Weight Gaming @Psyduck. You can check the #male tag, it will have some of the games that have male characters in them provided they are tagged correctly. Do note this is up to the topics author to add in, so if a game is missing this tag, or just because it is featured does not mean it features male weight gain (or doesn’t). But this should help you narrow down your search.

I would also recommend taking a look at the A user maintained list of games - Projects - Weight Gaming. It will have a good amount of games from the site on it (not all of them mind you) to help you narrow you’re search.

There are alot of these type of topics on the forum, feel free to look at a few I grabbed as it might also help.