Minecraft: The Fat Suite V1.0.5

No. There is no server. The Fat Suite’s purpose is just to be a repository of models I’ve made for use in general Minecraft, in a wide variety of server environments, and mod loaders. Though, I am very experienced server owner (coming on 7 years now!) myself, so maybe one day there might be a server. :wink:

It’s part of the reason this project is the way it is.

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Just wanted to let everyone know I officially put in the issue with tom’s GitHub to perhaps allow scaling through Animations. Animations can come in many forms in CPM, but ultimately they are all the same functionality wise, and adding the ability to edit the Pehkui variables allows you to utilize it in any animation, including Sneaking.

Please be aware that Customizable Player Models is not a fetish mod! Do not make any issues in his GitHub fat fetish related, as this is only just a tool I’m using! I promise you I will make a motivational weightloss mod with bass boosted royalty free ukulele music playing all the time and ms-paint textures for Minecraft if I see one! I’ve only posted this link for people to get more active updates on it if that’s what they want.

I myself will be keeping an eye on it, and will edit this post if it has been acknowledged by tom, and when it gets added in the mod proper. I will warn everyone it will likely take some time.

I also want to remind everyone that this was only one problem with adding bigger sizes, and there are others. That being said they are not off the table. Right now my SECRET PR-{49742077696c6c20626520616c6c20796f7572206661756c742e







…as well as personal matters are taking up much of my time currently, but work on lower sizes remains. I piddled around a bit today but honestly I have a lot on my plate (pun intended). Rest assured work on the secret project-… (Wait what?)

Work on the secret project-… (Is it done?)

Work on the secret project is continuing.


I Want YOU For A Secret Project!

If you are at any level interested for my previously mentioned secret project, please read this post!

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