Project Bob (Ravenous' Uncle)

If you have checked out my previous project Ravenous here: Project Raven-ous this is my attempt to morph remake it into more of what i wanted. This is what i’m calling alpha version 1.0 because a lot of writing is not present and there is infinite room for expansion from here. What’s here is a good base.

This is a, siding on the side of way to realistic, weight gain simulation game, where you play as a female character in a town with 10,000 procedurally generated npc’s to interact with. It features clothing to burst out of traveling to tire you out and much more. Almost every action or choice taken will have some form of repercussion now or later effecting your character. Although its built using renpys visual novel engine this is not really a visual novel, at best it’s maybe a procedurally generated one.

Why am i releasing it now, verse later in a more complete beta? Well to better balance the game i need more volume and depth of testing into the game past day 100 with a different assortment of character built. So i’m looking for feedback and possible bugs i have not found yet.

A few notes before playing, due to the way Renpy saves and the amount of and type of variables in my game, I know that saving only works reliably and as expected on the main day screen after completing a day.

Updated Version as of 8/18/2020
Version Alpha 1.4.2
Windows Version
Mac Version
Linux Version

  1. I’m glad to see a Ren’Py game, I also like how it reminds me of A Piece Of Cake.
  2. There are a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, you could always ask others for help if it’s not your first language.
  3. My favorite feature is the Day Planner, its a really unique feature that does almost everything automatically.

A great simulation game, just needs some fixing on the grammar and spelling.


A Piece Of Cake, Grain to Gain, were the original games that inspired me to start slowly making a game 2 years ago, this game being the current evolution towards my end goal and vision for this game. Have never posted the original command line based text game that evolved into project Ravenous, and then into this. Worshipers of the Gain, The Weighting Game, and many others also have since given me ideas that you may find in this game.

On the topic of spelling and grammar. English is my first language i’m just that bad at it, and with no spellchecker in programming software for obvious reasons, I tend not to catch a lot of things. Also the game is on the fly creating sentences by itself in some cases which i have not invested a lot of time into making it do so grammatically correctly. I’d welcome any writers who wanna write for the game, there is really no limit in my mind to the variations and permutations of events that could be happening in this game. There is more to write than i could possibly ever get done in a lifetime.

Yes, the day planer is something that was a thing i wish A Piece Of Cake had and something i tried leaving out of project Ravenous, and is one of the reasons i shelved that project.

Also am working on somewhat of a guide/tutorial for the game that ill post later.


Aside from the spelling, the change I’d make for the next version is to have the day planner dismissed when you click another option. It’s the only tab that doesn’t do that for some reason.


That is intentional due to the way Ren’Py screens work a long with variables unless it is specifically closed using the done button what you have selected may not be saved or remembered when you start your day, so i was forced to forced to force users to close it with the done button. I would have liked to a make it like other buttons on the navigation pane, but that unfortunately is not possible, there is currnetly a bug which is allowing use of the navigation pane while its open which i don’t want to happen that im hunting down, which can also result in what you set there not saving.

So, probably a dumb question, but how do you increase Happiness? assuming if it’s too low, it’s a bad end or something.


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that’s complicated to answer all the way and id like to let people figure some of it out on there own but here are a few things (what id consider to be common sense): better housing, better cars, your house being a reasonable temperature. Exercise and physical activity effect it based on your fitness and weight. A fat character who’s not in shape will not enjoy exercise. Foods all effect happiness in different amounts. Your weight. Your character at the start of the game does not want to be fat. You not only have to make your character fat you have to make them wanna be fat.

Most everything in the game is governed by lots of equations involving lots of stats seen and unseen.

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Ok, so it seems after an article of clothing gets outgrown, you can’t move forward in the game even if you change to different clothes that actually fit.

That aside, it’s also really confusing. Like, the stats tab doesn’t seem to update even if my character outgrows clothes, and I’m not sure how to fill the greed bar up or make the character want to be bigger or anything like that. Maybe you could add some sort of tutorial or maybe just a little blurb about how to play the game.

Also, I’m willing to help with writing descriptions and stuff if you need a hand with that, though I won’t have too much time to once classes start back for me in about a week.

EDIT: Alright, I’m not sure what I did differently this time, but I unminimized the game and she gained about 2 pounds from the start?


The stats tab reflects your characters knowledge about themselves if you didn’t use the scale for a while the weight would reflect the weight when you last weighed yourself. Also side note, on the topic of the very first day in the game if you rollback in renpy to it can cause the character generation based on your initial choices to re evaluate giving different values.

In the game as the player you don’t get to be omniscient if you wanna know your characters weight or measurements then you need to use the scale and tape measure to find out. The online store in the wardrobe is there in case you have no clothing items that fit such that you can buy more.

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Jeans are a bit bugged, I try one on and it tells me it’s both too tight and too loose.

Edit: Maybe it’s just my bodyshape?
Edit2: It happens with skirts too, skirts for crying out loud.


Ah, that makes sense. I should have been able to tell that after I used the scale and tape measure lol.

However, when it comes to the clothing thing, I did use the online store to get new clothes. Then I changed into them and tried to start the day only to be blocked by the closet tab opening itself. When I closed it, I was back to the start of the day menu. I then tried discarding the offending clothes and it still brought the closet menu back up, preventing me from moving forward at all


no that is intentional it has a fitment for both your hips/butt and waist measurement, each phrase is referring to one or the other. that is something that may need rebalancing rework in the clothing system. i need to do more research into clothing sizes and look closer at how clothes are made for different body shapes in real life to model the game after. As of now its simply one size standard and all body shapes are forced to use it, in the game. Skirts are currently treated as pants unfortunately so their text may not really mesh well with what it is.

So I bought some new clothes and they were already half damaged. Did I damage them trying them on at the store?

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Your character at the start of the day goes through a check list of many thigns, one is clothing if your selected clothes that your wearing don’t fit they are automatically removed from your body and put in your wardrobe. when its done with this check it will open the wardrobe, why because you are not wearing a top or bottom. When you put clothes on you get a “You are now wearing ___” at the end of the little text blip, if you actually successfully put it on, and should see the item in the worn clothing on the side of the wardrobe. If you don’t get that you did not successfully put it on. your boobs belly or butt may have prevented the item from being put on. read the full text blip to find out why. Clothes also can be to big. Currently working on graphics so that black clothing can be seen on the black background i know that is an issue, and is in the works.

Jeans are the only clothing item that can be bought pre damaged, it is to represent a pair of jeans with pre worn look, or holes in them.
When shopping for jeans it generates them from having full durability to being worn a little to reflect different jeans.


It also looks like there’s a lot of issues in general, a lot of the events seem to cause Ren’Py to break.

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can past the full errror so i can trace the issue.

I do read the text in the box and I do see the clothing I select show up in the section on the right. Even when I’m definitely wearing the fitting clothing, the game still takes me right back to the closet menu if I try to go to the next day.

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I’ll try to get it up when I get back on.

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I have one for you if you want the full paste of it.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/p_work.rpy", line 87, in <module>
  File "game/pfuncs.rpy", line 494, in eventsfire
  File "game/pfuncs.rpy", line 460, in eventfire
  File "game/eventslist_general.rpy", line 11, in vending_machine
AttributeError: 'RevertableList' object has no attribute 'push_back'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "start_day.rpyc", line 10, in script call
  File "start_day.rpyc", line 10, in script call
  File "p_work.rpyc", line 87, in script
  File "C:\Users\Yuiyana\Desktop\Hmmm\Bob-Alpha1.0-pc\renpy\", line 914, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "C:\Users\Yuiyana\Desktop\Hmmm\Bob-Alpha1.0-pc\renpy\", line 2028, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/p_work.rpy", line 87, in <module>
  File "game/pfuncs.rpy", line 494, in eventsfire
  File "game/pfuncs.rpy", line 460, in eventfire
  File "game/eventslist_general.rpy", line 11, in vending_machine
AttributeError: 'RevertableList' object has no attribute 'push_back'

Bob Alpha1.0
Tue Aug 11 15:27:32 2020
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Found and corrected that error will try to re-post the game with all fixes and improvements tonight or tomorrow. I believe if you click ignore on this error you should be able to continue playing if you or anyone gets it the event that had the error in it just wont work.