Project F.A.T. v1.7 - Bugs and Backend

Okay, probably the second to last update. This one basically edits the entire backend of the game. Things should run smoother and monster encounters should be a little more balanced and interesting.

There isn’t much in the way of new content, it’s mostly just all behind the scenes stuff that no one will ever see but things should be much smoother now.

This will require a new game. DO NOT import save files. They won’t work. You will get errors and broken encounters all over the place.

This also fixes a plethora of bugs that came out with the last version.

Project F.A.T v1.7 Windows

Project F.A.T v1.7 MAC Os

Changelog v1.7


  • Enemies have been reworked. They scale based on the players stats with a unique formula that edits and changes their stats based on a tier system (i.e. Slimes are tier 1, so weaker overall. Most bosses are tier 5 or 6, meaning stronger) It’s calculated based on the difficulty you selected, the player stats, the number of days that have passed, the current level of the virus and the monster tier. (Plus some additional changes to direct stats for some monsters)
  • Most of the lag should be gone in some maps now. Although this is still hardware dependent. Older computers may still have some issues on certain maps.
  • Enemies have new skills (These are not learnable by the player though)


  • Isabelle sprite during the doctor event with Mallory has been removed
  • Massive lag issue with the Doctor’s lab in Mezeti is fixed
  • Cassandra now reverts her fullness each day and the counter will not increase provided you give her 200 fullness worth of food.
  • Beth confrontation at the tavern shouldn’t get stuck now
  • When talking to the Chief with Hannah, the screen is no longer black
  • Fixes to incorrect names in the Contest Hall
  • Hannah battle in Icycull doesn’t get stuck anymore
  • Lost Isles won’t give random fish as you walk anymore
  • Bandit Leader event won’t trigger if your in the middle of the Amanda quest
  • Jessica’s picture and sprite will disappear properly after she’s eaten
  • The bar opens once you finish Julia’s initial quest and Cassandra sizes up once
  • Jessica pictures are removed once you finish speaking to her
  • Isabelle can no longer be given slimeballs
  • Screen dim at Jigglers should now revert properly
  • Capture Net bug fixes and the durability won’t go into the negatives. (Basically, Anna’s quest was slightly changed. Just capture the 5 slimes yourself and bring them back to her husband - He’ll give you money to buy a capture net if you don’t have one)
  • Arabel’s pictures now disappear properly
  • Brittney and Tiffany no longer stay on screen after you recruit them at the Succubus Village
  • Anna, Eira and Tiana shouldn’t loop in the contest anymore
  • Once you complete Lady G’s favour quest, it shouldn’t reappear again
  • Contest Skills won’t repeat their text once you unlock them
  • Grace’s capacity increases as it should once she sizes up
  • Isabelle clones in the lab once you recruit her and defeat the queen no longer appear
  • Quests that were left in the “Active” tab are now removed properly once completed
  • The QTE event in the contest has been revised and the timer increased to 12 seconds
  • Crafting recipes have been modified to use the proper ingredients
  • Ingredients are no longer hidden in recipes
  • Red Slime pictures are removed after you finish speaking to her and some grammatical mistakes were corrected
  • Red and Blue slime wouldn’t show up in the upgraded lab once they reached a certain size
  • Walkable tiles in the Icycull chief’s house are now fixed
  • Eloise’s sprite and graphics should reflect her size now
  • Revisiting the cave once you’ve been there once to see Eira won’t repeat
  • Guards in Mezeti will now reappear once the Mallory quest is done
  • Food items can be used in battle. (Some will heal, some won’t. But they will apply all fullness gains and stat boosts - or losses)
  • Corruption cannot go below 0
  • Fixed issue where meeting Mallory in the Hunting Grounds of Mezeti would cause a freeze
  • Enemies in the Icycull Mountains and Dread Mountains changed to “On Player Touch” rather than the action button.
  • Summit House tided up so the door looks nicer
  • Water in the Lizardman Dungeon cannot be jumped across until relevant switches are activated.
  • Pressing 9 will return you to the correct lab now (Based on if you’ve unlocked the upgraded lab or not)
  • Eating Anna at her max size will now remove her picture
  • Red and Blue slime have a proper base fullness now
  • Recruiting Tiffany and Brittney will work as intended. (If you have both recruited, they will always want to be in the party together. If you can’t fit them, they’ll both stay behind. If you remove one, the other will automatically leave.)
  • Fixed an issue with Jessica’s Godlike Meal displaying the wrong fullness amount
  • Virus Information is in the tutorial book now (Glowing Book on the Bookcase)
  • If you have Tiffany, Brittney or both, you can collect drinks from the Fridge each day. (This was always there, I just forgot to mention it…)
  • Dominic will now give you the correct amount of money when selling monster parts to him
  • Digest can be used outside of battle for healing
  • Multiple typos in dialogues were fixed.

And maybe some other stuff…

My patreon is linked below, I appreciate all the support and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Join the Discord if you want some extra help. I’m usually always about on some platform or another.

Thanks from coming on this journey with me. I can’t believe a little game I started has blown up this big and so many people have enjoyed it. Hopefully the next game is just as good :smiley:


Zzz… Forgot I was testing things so the starting point was moved. Will upload a fix now.

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Now to find out the Acronym…

Played around with it for a little while, so far I’m really impressed with the mechanics and how much there is to do. It’s clear a lot of effort went into this!

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When you offer enough yogurt and get into the house the pathing can’t finish


Ah damn it. Let me change it quickly and I’ll upload the map.

Here, paste this over. Should fix the pathing issue.
Yogurt Girl Fix


Thanks so much!

Did you find stats rose too quickly or slowly?
I wasn’t sure how to balance it properly…


So far I think stats might be moving a bit too slow… didn’t even realize there were different weight stages until I saw the screenshot above and i’m on day 12. Still, though, very impressive work!

A few minor bugs i found:
A few of the chests in the forest can’t be reached because the top layer of the trees is solid
I can’t interact with the control panel in the lab after reading the note in the tent
Once the person in the town starts requesting 2 yogurts, they’ll only accept exactly 2 so i had to burn through a bunch of yogurts to progress

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I’ve noticed a few bugs and nitpicks as well, including one just caused by the new Map10 patch(?)

After leaving the Yogurt Girl’s house, her door disappears and cannot be accessed again.
Voring the girl in front of the tasty slime house seemed to double vore her, with the second attempt failing.
Some of the higher tier enemies and random chests don’t seem to respawn, but that could be me missing something.
The fairies in the left side of the forest are not moving as fast as the ones in the prior room. This one’s a bit more nitpicky, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.
This one is very nitpicky, but the 3 weight level sprites are a bit weird, seeming as if her belly shrank into her ass instead of just a weight gain in general.
Quick Addition: The Yogurt Girl seems to be invisible when you first enter the house.

Overall, really neat concept! While not one for vore, I do enjoy the weight gain, so I look forward to future progress.


I appreciate this. I like nitpicky.

1.So Yogurt Girl’s house is only accessible while your TP is more than 3. So 4, or 5. Otherwise she’s having her “alone” time. If it’s still not working, I may change how I did the conditional. Yep. I didn’t place a door. That will be fixed for the next time.
2. Fixed the girl in front of the Slime Farm. It’s cause I misplaced all the bad events into the End column instead of the Else column.
3. They only respawn when you leave the forest. Mostly done to prevent people from going back and forth between maps for easy Fullness + Money. If you did leave the forest and they didnt respawn when you re-entered, I’ll double check the plugin commands (EDIT: They were wrong. I didn’t actually call them anywhere. Will fix for next version)
4. Will change that, It’s nitpicky but I would have said the same thing.
5. Yeah, I wanted one extra size change because the difference between 2 and 4 is quite a bit. and that was the only one that looked like it was sort of in the middle.
6. Ah yeah, that’s cause I forgot to uncheck the box for her to appear through a switch. Will fix that in the next update.

Thanks for that! I appreciate the feedback!


Can confirm that it won’t let me reenter the yogurt girl’s house no matter what I do.
Also, couldn’t help but notice there’s some nice blob faces for the MC in the files that don’t appear to be in the game anywhere.

Yeah those will go in at some point. It’s a pain cause events can happen at multiple weights. So once I make up all the conditionals for them, I will end up using them.

I played it immediately!
There is a bug where she disappears in the lab where she wakes up first!

Did you download the updated version? Since the one I posted earlier today was bugged :confused:

Yeah, that one was rather annoying. It’s cause I got lazy with the script calling. Will edit it to just add to a variable and then stop when it hits the right amount.

I don’t think the links work anymore, when I enter it gets stuck when loading the browsers

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Same I can’t get it to download

I think Mega is having some issues. I can’t download anything from it normally…

yeh the links dont work even when i switched to different browser

Link should be working now hopefully. Although i’ll probably upload some changes and new stuff within the next couple of weeks hopefully.