rpg translations

i found a bunch of games that need translation but i’m crap at that so i’ll send links to them so maybe you all can translate them.
link one, Alice’s Obesity Diary Obesity RPG Modoki: mega
link 2, 【Free Game】Money Scheme in the City: mega
link 3, P-O-I: mega
link 4, obesity game: mega
link 5, obesity tanning: mega
link 6, the house of the fat: mega


When you uncompress the games it screws up the localization. Use this link How to machine translate Japanese RPG maker games
and follow the instructions.

Which is what I would say if I wasn’t doing that to the games right now. I’ll add some links when im done uploading them to mega.

I would translate them but circumstances prevent me from doing that. They should be fully playable though. Also note that translator++ hates plugins so if someone does translate them it might break something.


Here we go
POI 122.04 MB file on MEGA
GF 354.61 MB file on MEGA
Project 2 152.09 MB file on MEGA
アリスの肥満化日記VerB 1.27 GB file on MEGA
街で金策ver1.10 356.54 MB file on MEGA

Were these supposed to be translated? Cuz they don’t seem to be.

we have threads for a few of these on the site already
A.O.D.O.RPG: this one is new.
money scheme in the city: i recognize it, but i cant quite pinpoint what it was.
p-o-i: "P-O-I" by Fallboy
obesity game: nope, its new.
obesity tanning: new as well
the house of fat: New Japanese game 'The house of the fat'
do you still have the sources for the other four, by any chance?

None is new, all of them have been posted at some point in the forum. I don’t have the links right now here, but I occasionally find and look their pixiv/twitter accounts and no new games have been made from those.

“Project 2” I couldn’t translate (such a shame, I really enjoyed the art in it), but here’s all of the stages throughout the weight gain (I really wanna find more rpg maker games like this with art in them)

For Money Scheme in the City

Here Boss man < [EN Translation] Raising Money in Town >

Can someone translate this one? 201.72 MB file on MEGA

Anyone know who made Project 2 I loved the art of it and would definitely support more of their games

This appears to be the original post: 真庭 - pixiv