Starbound Big Fatties: Fat Posters


In the new updates and in general, one thing that had bummed me out was the lack of furniture. Don’t get me wrong the Fatty Split is a major deal and I understand Dispatch having her hands tied, but the candy furniture and couple additional posters just did not feel like enough for me. As such I decided it would be fun to edit some posters for Big Fatties. Originally I was thinking of just doing one or two due to my limited skills with editing (had not done pixel art before) and though I am still not skilled enough to make them entirely from scratch, I have been able to make entirely “new” posters via combining elements of different posters or using screenshots to create posters that are not merely edits of existing ones. Fair warning, quite a few of these involve the Felin Race Mod so if you’re not a fan of fat anthro cats then this might not be for you. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to have any mods installed besides Big Fatties since it uses the shop to actually have the items buyable.

Here are some examples of stuff I made and that are in the mod:

/\ This one was a request from a different friend of mine /\



To anyone interested, here’s the download link for the latest version:
Big Fatties - Fat Poster (68.8 KB)

Archived Versions

Version 1:
Big Fatties - Fat Poster (42.7 KB)

Also as a quick aside, besides mentioning that I had help from an friend who wishes to stay anonymous in making this mod and my friend @FatioCatio for feedback on this posters along with the assorted strangers who helped out as well, I can take requests and ideas for future posters, though you should know that not all requests can be fulfilled with my skillset and I do have some stuff I do not want to make. Feel free to ask me in DMs or on the forum about requests and what my limits are.


Woo! I was considering making some furniture too, but then I realized I’m underqualified. Glad to see I’m not the only one who had that thought!

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Wow, now I want to do posters too. Too bad I have no idea how to mod :upside_down_face:

Can you do a fat male poster of this race?

I’ll give it a try, though I might not be able to or want to do it.

Hey there, how do i install this? I must have missed some instructions, sorry!

It’s roughly the same as the Big Fatties download (but without going through Dropbox). Download the zipped file, extract it, plop the new file into the mods folder like you did the Big Fatties one. And yes you have to put the entire folder in since it is not compressed into a .pak file.

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I noticed this before but did not want to work on it; the posters are misaligned and do not have the same hitboxes as other posters of the same size. I’ll be working on a fix but in the meantime feel free to enjoy what you’ve got

The issue has been rectified, here’s the updated poster link along with the initial download link being updated:
Big Fatties - Fat Poster (42.7 KB)
Just a heads up, you might want to remove any of the posters you placed down to avoid issues with the new hitboxes

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Though the next update is still quite a ways away (only done 3 posters so far, 2 of which are edits of edits), there is something rather noteworthy coming up in the next one…

Once again thanks to my anonymous friend for all the coding help they have provided me with and though it is not perfect it should do the job just fine

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So something that has been bothering me for a while is a general lack of ideas when it comes to making posters. Quite often I do edits of edits of edits (Felin model and inspirational posters being the prime examples) since I rarely have other ideas and oftentimes I can struggle making those ideas into reality. I feel torn between making new posters and editing the same one multiple times. So I have two questions to ask all of you…

1: Do you want to see more of the reedits?

  • Do more of the reedits! I love them!
  • If there is no other options, sure
  • Makes no real difference to me
  • Avoid doing more of them if you can
  • I will break your kneecaps if you do another reedit

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2: If you do like the reedits, what kind do you want to see more of?

  • Directly fatter versions of previous edits
  • Alternates (Ex. tubefed Motivational and the slime stuffed Model posters)
  • Recolors (Same shape, different color/race)

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Update 2 is now complete! In addition to new posters and tweaking values of some older ones, the Fat Posters mod now has its own shop (no animation or lighting since I am still learning)! The initial version will still be available to anyone who wants it, since I will be creating an “archive list” for previous versions of the mod in case anyone is interested. So without further delay: Here is the new update! Enjoy!
Big Fatties - Fat Poster (68.8 KB)