What would your dream game be?

Hey all, somewhat new user here, posted a few times but this is my first actual topic. Hoping to provide a half-decent prompt that’ll let us talk about some fun ideas for weight gain scenarios – and even more fun – ways that those ideas could possibly be applied to a game.

So starting off, what’s a favorite WG scenario of yours? Personality or type of character(s) involved, settings, plot or reason behind the gain in the first place, etc. Now, if you could make any kind of game, how would you apply that scenario to it? What would its genre be, how would it play, how does gaining weight affect gameplay or add an extra layer of depth, and so on. Alternatively, you could work the other way around and start off with your favorite genre and come up with a WG-centered premise around it, however you want. Anything goes, you’re not limited to what’s theoretically possible with just one person working on a passion project for little to no money.

For example, a concept I like a lot is fat royalty. Though not necessarily my dream game, my first idea was a city sim / management style game where you oversee your kingdom while still trying to have enough money so that you / your family / whoever the gain is focused on can overindulge way too much, balancing making sure the actually important infrastructure works with blowing money on yet another gluttony-related venture, or something. Managing everything better means more resources to spend on food, unless you choose to neglect your kingdom in favor of eating as much as possible at the risk of angering your citizens.

There aren’t any wrong answers, I just wanted to contribute a simple, hopefully fun topic for people to share ideas on and generate some activity. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

(Posting this in General rather than the actual Ideas category because I intended for it to be a little thing just for fun rather than serious ideas to be turned into actual projects, but move it if necessary.)


My dream wg game is an RPG/Strategy game where you play as a feeder type in an anti-feeder world. You play a character who is either a master manipulator or has outright mind control, working your way up the ranks in whatever society you’re in (Kingdom, Modern day Republic, Sci-fi Kleptocracy, etc.) as a means of making your fetish the cultural norm.

Pregmod Free Cities already does this slightly, but going from a feeder in a society that looks down on them, having to play and eventually beat them at their own game all the while making sure your inclinations are kept secret to the masses, to vanquishing the last holdouts of that vary society in your new order as gluttony becomes the ideal and you do your best to knock out any reason not to indulge, is something that is a trope in hypno games (I usually call them Take-the-Town games) but with a WG spin would be an amazing game to play imo.

My ideal wg game would probably be a mix between RPG, dating sim, and life sim, kinda like the three modern Persona games. One big thing for me is having the option to pick the protagonist’s sex before starting. I’m more of the opinion that the weight gain aspects of a game like this should be more present in the simulation parts of the game than the RPG sections. It would be fairly slow, gradual weight gain. I also wouldn’t want the weight gain to forced on the player, just heavily encouraged by
short term convenience, but at the “cost” of longer term consequences. There would be a heavy focus on things like inner monologue from the protagonists perspective and unique dialogue from NPC based on things like the character’s current weight level, eating habits (if the NPC in question would be aware of that), and how quickly your character is gaining weight. As for the RPG portion, I’d leave the weight gain affects to be simple, but noticeable. I’m mostly referring to simple things like stat changes, lower speed and/or agility, higher defense etc. Having armors be restricted by the character’s weight level could be kind of fun if there was also an option to adapt said armors to different body sizes. I haven’t quite thought of a general plot, but I would prefer a modern day setting due to the higher amount activities related to weight gain that would be available to the player. I would probably have the weight level be capped at just before immobility, and reserve immobility for premature endings to the game (the endings would be difficult enough that they would only be able to be achieved if the player was trying to get them). The early endings would have multiple variants based on story progress and relations to a handful of NPCs. Resource management would be a major mechanic as well. The player would be managing things like money, food, time, weight level, clothing that fits the player, favors from friendly NPCs etc. Companions would have their own lives outside the player by having variables to keep track of how they live their lives. Things like, how much income they receive, their dietary habits, weight level, and general happiness. Companions would also be able to gain weight by subtly influencing them when the player decides to hang out with them. An obvious example would be taking them out to restaurants repeatedly would cause them to gain weight. A less obvious one would be if the player allows the companion to pay for you too often, it would lower that companion’s personal wealth to a point where junky fast food becomes all they can reasonably afford, causing them to gain weight over time. I would prefer the game to be fairly long, around the 60-70 hour mark.

I might have some good new for you. Forgive me for self advertising a bit here, but I’m making a weight gain mod for a medieval strategy game with RPG elements called “Crusader Kings 2”. The base game actually went free to play a few months back, which is all that’s needed for my mod to work. About the game itself, it is a unique kind of strategy game because unlike most other games in the genre where you would play as a nation, you instead play as a character that is part of a dynasty that are in charge of the nations on the map. This game has a weight gain and loss system that was added last year. The system was extremely basic though, so I decided to overhaul it with a mod. Main features of the mod are:

  1. I’m making the process of gaining weight more interesting by adding popup events once the player reaches certain weight thresholds.
  2. Added a fetish system by using character traits. The traits are “fat fetish” (This one fills a double role as fat admirer and a feeder) and “feedee fetish”.
  3. changed the way the weight gain system works by making it more gradual, and based off of character traits rather than being more pop up event oriented.
  4. Adding more ways to interact with the other characters. Example: Taking a spouse out on a dinner date, causing both characters to gain weight as well as raising the characters’ opinion of each other.
  5. A diet, metabolism (based on the character’s age and sex) and physical activity system to more directly influence the weight gain/loss.
  6. Fantasy elements that will able to be toggled on or off based on player preferences (I still need to do this). An example of this would be the selection of weight gain oriented potion system. I also have integration with a popular, albeit risque, fantasy mod for the game called “Luxuria Fantasia”, but it’s not required.

To get more specifics, I’ve been posting about the mod’s progress a lot here: Crusader Kings 2 - 3.0's weight gain - #341 by failmuseum if what I’ve said sounds interesting. Sorry for the massive post.


Im into the kind of wg where its a thin athletic girl that ends up becoming massive against their wishes over a short period of time. Anything like that would make me happy.
An actual game would probably be something where your some dude that makes bitches fat as a sort of revenge thing? Maybe in a sort of fashion like a horror film but you dont kill them, just make them fat. Youve got different ways to make them gain wright and depending on what you do you’ll make different parts of them bigger. If i did this itd probably youd probably be a ghost or some kind of supernatural creature, just because im into magic related weight gain.

I dont have any actual talents aside from writing so i’d never actually make this but i hope theres some kind of reluctant skinny to blob weight gain at some point. Not enough of it imo😅


I’m going to answer the question as the game you want to make rather than ideal game
(because that would be team fortress 3 and there would be no WG so no one cares about that)

this is going to be a rough explanation because I want to keep it short
it would be like mario rpg/paper mario. you would play as a mage and the fatter you get the more mana (and powerful spells) you have to work with. the fat level would work pretty much as in super fatty rpg but instead of over leveling being a fail state you just wouldn’t level. I would like the main quest of the game to be as long as paper mario thousand year door and that there are some side quests (the biggest reason it won’t be made, if someone have a couple of millions collecting dust let me know). the battle system would be made so it could scale infinitely and hopefully) be fun enough that you would like to play the post game (where there is no level cap) ridiculously high level battles. it’s a bit hard to explain how it would work but basically you would have some spells that you can apply modifiers to (like fire, confuse, life steal) and it would feature something like the badge system from paper mario as to what spells you can cast and what passive abilities are active.

an honorable mention goes to the ghost busting WG game I want to make because the ghosts wouldn’t have hp and designing the different guns/equipment that would feel different, doesn’t deal damage, be fun to use, and can be used in puzzle solving would be a fun challenge to do

This question has been asked on the forum before, lol, but it’s always a fun one. Not sure what the policy on necro-posting is either, so a refresher is never a bad thing.

To start with, a scenario I’ve always liked begins with a young adult, somewhere aound 18 into their twenties. College or just entering the work force are always good starting points. College also has the nice advantage, in the case of a dorm situation or meal plan, of providing a character with three buffet-style meals a day, leaving plenty of opportunities for gluttony without needing to focus on financial matters.

In terms of my ideal WG game, it would definitely be a simulation or RPG. The PC at story start would be fairly thin. Perhaps formerly athletic, though their build would now have more to do with a fast metabolism then a rigorous work out routine. Perhaps they do work out a bit, but circumstances soon conspire against them.

Their work load winds up being far more then anticipated, and perhaps they socialized too much in the early game. Regardless, they find themselves studying more and exercising less, assuming they did at all, as time goes on.

The PC’s gluttony also goes up as well. S/he gets used to having seconds at meals, and study snacks become the norm. Before too long, the pounds begin piling on.

In terms of stats, I could see things like “Daily Calories” and “Regular Exercise” impacting the PC’s weekly weight gain. Likewise, the character’s Physical Activity Score would be affected by a mix of their weight and exercise variable.

In short, a character whose fairly hefty but still pretty active would be fairly capable. And by contrast, someone who does nothing but eat like a pig and sit on their growing behind would eventually become a blob who gets winded as they slowly waddle between classes.

This is where I do run into a bit of a problem with my idea. I’ve always loved a reluctant gainer, someone who, through various circumstances, starts putting on weight and can’t really stop. Maybe over time they grow to accept or be excited by their fattening form, but initially they’re not so attached.

From a roleplay stand point, they’d want to lose weight, but of course as players we want the opposite to be true, so gameplay winds up counter intuitive.

I think I’ll end this rambling, non-sensical monster here for now. Hopefully I can make something more coherent when I get home, lol.


A Fat frog with vore martial arts and Thiccie beeees

(this are my fetish dream games not my real ones btw)

Lol, sure enough my original title for the topic was word-for-word identical to that of one from almost exactly 3 years ago, and I got a message telling me to come up with a new one. Still, I figured that’s long enough for a fresh topic so new people could share new ideas.

On the problem of the PC being a reluctant gainer, that’s an interesting issue. Like you said, their thoughts on their gain may conflict with what the player is trying to do, but I think it could be written in such a way to still make sense in-universe. Like, dialogue in the form of the PC’s inner monologue could mention how they want to excercise more, but as soon as the player chooses to relax and eat instead, it becomes a series of “Ok, I’ll definitely exercise tomorrow…”, and before they know it, they’ve eaten an entire box of cookies. Or, alternatively, the ‘reluctant gainer’ trait could be given to one of a number of side characters that you could (un)intentionally fatten up by inviting over to study or otherwise hanging out, with your eating habits maybe rubbing off in them. Also provides plenty of opportunities for someone to comment on your gain. There’s all sorts of ways to take it, really.

Still, I like your idea a lot, looking forward to if you’ve got anything more to add!


Mine would be a platformer like Banjo Kazooie where you’re doing odd jobs for the people and fattening them up.

Like Gary, I have shared my ideal game on the previous thread, but thought it would be fun to revisit my idea and “flesh” it out a bit more. In doing so, I will also be scaling it back from a full-on simulation to a highly customizable RPG; therefore, I will be able to explain more game mechanics.

Gary and I have a lot in common when it comes to our dream game. We both like a gradual, realistic weight gain scenario featuring a reluctant gainer. Additionally, we like to focus on the stats contributing to weight gain and mobility. I would let the player choose the overall body type (apple, pear, hourglass, etc.) at the start of the game. I agree that a weekly time interval will be most appropriate. After you complete the day, a narration will fill you in on how the rest of the week went.

At every weight milestone (up or down), the new day will feature a “prepare for the day” narration. This includes: getting out of bed, weighing yourself, examining yourself in a full-body mirror, showering, and dressing.

In my ideal game, however, we follow the main character from a much younger age: early primary/elementary school. I love the idea of relationships playing a major role in the story. To make this work to my liking, the game design would have to allow for initial choices to judge attitudes. Some examples:

[Game exposition:] You were chubby up through first grade. How did your parents respond?

  1. “We should make sure he/she stays active and eats well.” (Lower starting weight, higher metabolism, parents disapprove of fat)
  2. “‘He/she will grow out of it!’ ‘But what if he/she doesn’t?’ ‘We will wait and see.’” (Average starting weight and metabolism, parents have some reservations about fat)
  3. “He/she is a growing boy/girl! It’s good for a kid to have some more meat on their bones!” (Higher starting weight, lower metabolism, parents encourage fat)

[Game exposition:] Your peers started to notice that you were the huskier one. What were you focused on?

  1. Having fun! (Class clown reputation, high popularity)
  2. Studying with other nerds. (Teacher’s pet reputation, medium popularity–teasing only)
  3. Eating alone, of course! (Gluttonous pig reputation, low popularity–bullying)

[As teenager:] You are considering asking your crush out to homecoming. What are your thoughts?

  1. “Fat chance they will say ‘yes,’ but I am shooting my shot anyways!” (embarrassing public rejection)
  2. “I am surprised they haven’t asked me first!” (eager accepting–possible feedee relationship)
  3. “No way they’ll say ‘yes,’ so I might as well stay home and watch TV.”

Other life choices will explore scenarios. Some examples:

[Game exposition:] How did your parents respond?..How did you respond?

  1. I want to be an athlete, so I’m going to practice sports! (Lower starting weight, negative stance on fat)
  2. I don’t care. I never even noticed. (Average starting weight, neutral stance on fat for now)
  3. I like being the bigger kid! I enjoy stuffing myself! (Higher starting weight, positive stance on fat)

[As youngster:] You opened up the card. It is an invitation to Jordan’s birthday party, at the waterpark! How will you respond?

  1. I’m grabbing my swimming trunks right now! I’ll hit every waterslide! (eager joining–outcomes depend on weight)
  2. I guess I’ll come, but I’ll stay in the lazy river and wave pool with my wet shirt on. (reluctant joining–possible peer pressure later on)
  3. I think I’d rather stay home and play video games. (slight decrease in relationship with Jordan)

[As tween:] You noticed that you were one of the later students to finish the mile run. You weren’t lapped by anyone, but it still was a challenge. How do you respond?

  1. I’ll try out for the football team. They will at least accept me as a benchwarmer, right? (future choices, outcomes vary)
  2. I’ll sign up for the weights class. I won’t get faster, but at least I’ll get stronger. (musclegut option)
  3. I’m required to take PE, but I may try to get out of it. (future choices)

[As teenager:] You are now on summer break, and you are starting your seasonal paid internship! What is it?

  1. Front desk attendant at the gym? (gym scenarios)
  2. Lawn mowing and newspaper delivery. (outdoor work scenarios)
  3. Fast food worker and delivery driver! (fast food and outdoor work scenarios)

[As late teenager:] The deadline to accept your college admission offer is approaching! To whom will you issue your Statement of Intent to Register to?

  1. University of Alabama! Roll tide! Join a frat, party it up, and take advantage of All Access dining! All far away from your parents’ watchful eyes.
  2. The Culinary Institute of America! I hope I can make food as well and as fast as I can eat it!
  3. National University. Staying for the home cooking. Studying for a computer science degree online.

Oh look, I’m getting carried away again. I’ll be honest: I am hoping that someone is inspired by these options and features them in a game. I agree with Fuarkspace that the reluctant gainer character is not so much a problem to me as it is a fun, exploitable feature. Those inner monologues are super fun to write. The dilemma I have is when and how my dream game would end. I am not a fan of immobility (see here as to why). I am okay with morbidly obese adults, but past a certain age it just seems to be less fun. I’ll think on it, and edit this post, as needed.


RPGs are such a good fit for WG-related games, for some reason. I think it’s because it provides a lot of simple but effective opportunities for weight to be implemented meaningfully. A character gaining a ton of weight to turn into a literal wall of blubber with high defense and low speed to naturally fit into a tank role is just really appealing to me for some reason. I also like your idea of premature endings with characters getting fattened to immobility in a kind of ‘what if’ bad ending scenario, maybe. Weight-specific armor is also a cute idea.

Also, I’ve done some browsing through that CK2 thread, and while I’m not sure if the game itself is up my alley, the stuff you’re adding is very interesting. I actually had no clue the game had gone free-to-play, so what the heck, I may actually try it.


A dig dug like game, because i remember seeing these cute dig dug monster girl sprites a long time ago.

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I really loved SFRPG, and I also really like Pokemon. My dream game would pretty much be a combination of these two things, an RPG where you play as a Pokemon (and you could choose what Pokemon you could play as) and go around and get super fat/become the biggest Pokemon in the world.

My dream game would probably be one of two things. The first of those would be an open-world RPG with an overall design similar to Corruption of Champions or Lilith’s Throne. The player would take on the role of an aspiring alchemist who obtains a magic wand that can take any magic potion and turn it into a spell that can be cast. Combat would involve using those spells to transform opponents’ bodies until they lose the will to fight. The spells would include, but not be limited to, changing the enemy’s gender, species, body parts, and of course, weight. Upon breaking an enemy’s resolve, the player would be free to end the battle immediately or continue changing them until they decide otherwise, either of which can result in an optional sex scene. Combat and exploration would reward the player with potion ingredients to experiment with, discovering new potions and transformations, thus increasing their power.

My other dream game would also have the player character be a young alchemist who gets more powerful by finding potion ingredients and discovering new potions. However, this one would play like a Dynasty Warriors game. Sick of living in a world ruled by despots, the alchemist heroine decides to essentially take over. By drinking the potions she makes, she would transform into various monsters and mythical creatures to wreak havoc on her enemies’ armies.

Through collecting ingredients and discovering potion recipes, each new transformation she discovers acts as a playable character, up to three of which she can switch between during battle. Every transformation is achieved by combining a “Form” potion with a “Modifier” potion. The Form is the creature she transforms into, whereas the Modifier is a descriptor that defines how the creature fights. Forms can include a werewolf, harpy, gorgon, dragon, succubus, vampire, and so on. Modifiers can include words like, ‘Telekinetic’, ‘Necromancer’, ‘Gunslinger’, ‘Pyrokinetic’, ‘Chunky’, ‘Ninja’, etc. Putting these together, you can get such transformations as a Telekinetic Werewolf, a Gunslinger Gorgon, a Necromancer Harpy, a Ninja Dragon, and a Chunky Succubus.

Combine this sort of feature with a game that sands off some of the edges that Warriors games tend to have, and you’d have something delightful.

Or you could just give me a Burnout sequel.


Like a couple others here, this is something I put in an older thread, but I might as well flesh it out. Either to make it, or let someone else make it.

My ideal game would be an RPG of sorts, where you travel the world to train for and compete in eating contests. Obviously as you get fatter, you’d be more able to pack food away, but you could also involve some inflation content as some of the training, maybe.

tbh, once I can satisfy myself with my current, only semi-fetishy RPG project, maybe that’ll be my new one.


I’ve had an idea for years. A management/trainer text game. The idea I had in mind for a game is set in a fantasy medieval world where fat women are a sign of fertility and good omens. Fat is a bit of a fashion statement and thin women are seen as cursed, undesirable or poor. The game generally centers around making rail thin peasant girls into fat noblewomen. The player would have skills they would need to improve and a household to manage. You would have staff that helped manage your house and they could be included in the feedee shenanigans and have several events where you persuade them to overindulge a bit. You’d have to buy food and pay for upgrades like a better equipped kitchen or higher capacity larder. Feedees would have a stomach capacity stat and a gluttony stat. You’d have to train both of those stats in order for a feedee to eat large amounts. Feedees could have many traits including things like “natural glutton” for a bonus to eating or the exact opposite “temperate eater” for a drawback, just tons of stat modifiers really. The stomach capacity stat can go slightly beyond 100% if you train them accordingly, but has a chance at vomiting and taking a negative mood effect if you push them too far. Stomach capacity would slowly drain over time and pile on as fat, food would have a calorie stat and a volume stat, some food items would pile on lots of fat while not taking up large amounts of stomach volumes while others would take up large amounts of volume while offer very little calorie content. There could be different scenarios and characters with special requirements to meet throughout the game, stuff like “raise stomach capacity to XXX in order to prepare the duchess for the grand feast” or “malnourished peasant girl chosen to inherit noble house, have her gain XXX by a certain date”, etc. There would be drawbacks if your character has low enough skills during the course of the game, like giving someone food poisoning if your cooking stat was too low, reducing your ability to feed them large amounts of food for a short time, or mental breaks/game over if you push a feedee too much. The game would be full of events talking about outgrowing clothes, struggling through narrow doors/windows/openings, size descriptions, bumping into and knocking over furniture/people, descriptions about furniture creaking, etc. Random events could occur if you meet the right requirements for them, things like “a Queen in a foreign kingdom has heard about your renowned cooking ability, she demands you prepare a feast and in return will offer you XXX gold”

My dream game might not exist yet but the CK2 mod is getting pretty close.


This is a pretty easy one for me to answer. I’m writing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Or at least I’d like to be. I’d love to be able to do far more than I’m actually doing!

Firstly, instead of static images, I’d like to be able to produce a game with fully animated figures, something along the line of the Sims, but with proper fat characters rather than the EA token ‘ever so slightly less emaciated than standard’ effort that’s currently there. (Who knows… Sims 5 must be due to be announced soon. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll have proper fat characters. I can dream!).

Secondly, proper clothing that conforms to fat figures rather than looking as though it’s been sprayed on (Yeah, Daz studio, I’m looking at you :p)

Finally, fully voiced dialogue. It’s great to see “Oh god, I’m getting so fat” displayed on the screen. But if the character actually said it, whilst sitting at the table, bulging out of her clothes and eating spoon after spoon of ice cream?

Sigh… maybe one day!

edit oh… and it would have a VR option too :slightly_smiling_face:


I would have to buy a VR set at that point.

I’d love a classic fantasy RPG with weight gain mechanics. Like if Divinity Original Sin had the ExpanDnD rules. I love fantasy weight gain scenarios. There’s something about traditionally strong and athletic adventurers getting fattened up that just really works for me. I really love the image of a party fighting off the final boss of a game and instead of being all battered and wounded they’ve just piled on fat.

If anyone here has played Noone’s fatty text adventure I think he had a good mix of gradual gaining with some buckwild gain 500 pounds in one sitting scenarios.

I would have it set up so you start as a more normal adventurer and as you steadily or rapidly gain weight instead of just easily having access to classes or archetypes that can utilize weight like in ExpanDnD you need to actively go and seek them out. So the first major quest of the game would be unlocking the power to use fat which makes you a major hero in a world where the monsters reliable make people gain weight when they fight them.


I’d like a candy mountain massacre like game, the theme is perfect and goes hand in hand with this fetish, if you haven’t before you can find a download here to give it a try, it’s basically just doom but you can either go first person or third person to stare at the character’s ass.

Not much to change, but change enemy attacks to fatten the player, restricting movement, and making them an easier target to hit until they’re unable to move, other than 3D models getting bigger there could be unique gameover screens in some line art or short vid showing the fate of the player in a dragon’s lair type fashion.

Instead of health it would be the player’s mobility, majority of enemies fatten while others simply knock the player down allowing for the former enemies to get some free hits in, you can’t get gameover from being fattened up alone, but being knocked over while in such a state would result in it, I.e. 100% fat and getting hit with a knockdown projectile would mean game over, however getting hit from a fattening projectile would simply refresh your level of fat and proc a mini stun.

As there are many types of candies there are many efffects:

Fattening - Increases player’s fat, each point reduces speed and increases size, at maximum fat, all fattening projectiles cause a non-stacking 0.30 second stun.

Knockdown - Causes player hit to fall backwards, the players are stunned for a full second to get up and are immune for the next 3 seconds, every point of fat increases this stun duration, up to a maximum of 2.75 second.

Bloated - Projectiles with this tag cause an effect over time for long durations, after the period is up the effect caused by this will fade over time.

Enlarged/Shrunk - Increases/decreases movement speed and increases/decreases player size and increases/decreases immunity to knockbacks. This is a doubled edge sword in either case, if you’re big your faster but a larger target, if you’re small you can hide behind objects or find secrets, but you take increased fattening and knockdown effects.

Root - Projectiles with this tag cause the player to halt movement but still able to fire.

Inflated - Projectiles with this tag cause the player to inflate rapidly gaining size, losing movement speed and if inflated enough the player will begin to float, if inflated too much its instant game over, this could be used to reach secrets or solve puzzles but is dangerous for how much a target you become midair.

Massive Projectile - Projectiles with this tag are large enough to encompass the player causing an instant knock down and large fattening effect, or leave behind an aura zone with a secondary effect. Could be used by bosses or a level where it’s artillery and you want the player to move.

Aura’s - This can be used by specific enemies that cause some of the above effects in an area, i.e. area hazards like rivers of chocoloate that cause fattening if you walk through.

In the regular game there a hostages that you can rescue to gain points, and powerups for ammo and health, and the general idea is to proceed to the end zone of the map killing along the way.
Would be neat to have trap like areas much like this replacing spikes with perhaps filling with room with some fattening substance with a puzzle needed to be complete with time being of the essence.

A currency like Pure Sugar Shards could be used to increase the players stats at checkpoints, being things like bioshock styled weapon upgrades or abilities.
Abilities could give temporary movement and firing speed or weightloss in enchange to do a short animation.

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