feeding battle mechanics?

Yo guys can anyone recommend a game where you make your enemies gain weight during battle (by feeding/using wg spells for example)?

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Outside of something like a game jam, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find such a specific game I’m afraid.

Fortunately, one of the last game jam entries around here matches your request to a tee! cocoacaesar’s Will of the Goddess

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The Big Fat Vore RPG lets your fatten up just about every enemy in the game, the Super Fatty RPG has a late game item that lets you fatten most enemies, and there’s one more whose name escapes me about the moment but involves fighting monster girls that you can fatten up.


Oh yeah, good call! Completely blanked on that one, hah

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Hungry elves has a large portion of combat dedicated to feeding your opponents and making them gain weight. In some of the fights it’s the only way to fight.

There’s a translated version with some extra content here