Games that emphasize a lack of fitness or struggles with weight?

Title. I’m looking to play games that emphasize the consequences of broader weight gain, specifically in terms of fitness.


I can’t think of many where this is the central idea at the moment, but a couple games that touch on this below. I’ll add more if i think of them.

Love at First Bite is a short “catch-the-falling-object” game, objects in this case being food, with your character getting slower the more she eats (FWG)

The Nebutori’s Tale is a Quest text adventure game about trying to break a weight gain curse. Pacing is slow at the beginning (you need to grind the first 14 days minimum without completing the main quest before you start putting on big weight), but there are relevant descriptions at higher weights, and you eventually need a scooter to move around one location. (FWG)

The Curse of Something is a furry male slice-of-life/light-RPG. As you gain, if you don’t have enough corresponding muscle mass, you will lose max energy needed to do activities both in battle and in town (MWG)

Oddly enough, RimRound and StarPounds, the fat mods for Rimworld and Starbound, respectively, are the games that have the biggest focus on fitness that I can think of. RimRound in particular is interesting as your units lose a lot of mobility at higher weights, and generally receive debuffs, which makes it an interesting challenge to be able to support a higher weight pawn for effectively no benefit from a gameplay perspective alone, leaving aside the fetish implications. Also… I know OP has seen it, but I am obligated to shill my own seldom-updated game that is somewhat relevant.

I am hopeful other people might respond, because this genre of fetish game activates so many of my neurons. God bless you for making the topic.

That dev actually has another game I am more fond of, even if it has its flaws: Week of the Werefatty. I really wish they would revisit it, although as-is, it has the curious trait that solving puzzles correctly locks you out of the fetish content, which is a shame, because this is one of the few text-adventures that has puzzles I enjoyed bumbling through. If they swapped the incentive structure, so that solving the puzzles unlocked the fat content, it would be very good, especially because currently, failing puzzles makes you fatter, which makes puzzles harder to complete due to lowered fitness, raised weight, etc. I like that mechanic, and the descriptions. If only they were won by succeeding at puzzles, instead of given as a reward for failing to engage with the puzzles!


Worshippers of the Gain
Your character is described as sweating more and struggling to walk as they put on more and more weight

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Gaining Perspective is a good HTML one, thus game is about the struggles of gaining past immobility. Has pretty detailed health effects, and physical descriptions has you gain


Good call! Gaining Perspective fits perfectly. It does get really dark, though