Introduction and some questions!

Hello everyone! My name is Oz, I’m kinda looking around for now, but when it comes to games, I’ve noticed that a lot of them are based off of the premise of the player being a feeder, are there any where the player can gain weight? And I don’t mean just that, but also having feeder NPCs that tease you and such?


Hello and welcome to weight gaming @Froggy_Ozzy. You can search tags like protag-wg which will help you narrow things down in your search.

A few that come to mind.

  • Chunky Cheerleader - Has a female protag with multiple routes in the game and multiple girls to pair up with. The game focuses on mutual gaining but some options and routes will lead to the player character being larger then some or all the girls and often result in one or more girls feeding the MC with some teasing and humiliation elements depending on story.

  • Feed My Affection - You can choose the gender of the protag, has one NPC Ellie, that is a dedicated feeder. She is all about teasing and humiliation.

  • Fill Me Up - Female protag with a cast of girls. It has multiple routes and different variations the girls can be within those routes. Your choices determine who will gain or not, but the MC is set up to be gaining naturally throughout the game and a few characters tease and feed her throughout the story. There’s a version that has more elements of this on the devs patreon (the dev does have bouts of absences or not being able to find out what is going on with development on the supporters end, just fyi.)

  • Feeder Fantasy (modded english translation) and the original Japanese version - Have an NPC that will feed up the MC and there are some comments from the townsfolk that reference the weight of the MC and slight teasing elements. The modded version switches the MC to a female protag, and the original has a male protagonist.

There are some other games out there for sure will those elements I would say it can be common in text-adventure games. But there are multiple games, in multiple engines that can fit what you are looking for. I would recommend checking out something like the user maintained list of games or even my recommend list to help with your search. Good luck and welcome again.