Games that feature loss of control/willpower?

Title says it all. Any games? Preferably where the character is not actively trying to gain? I’m open to text adventures and things like that. Thanks in advance.


A few i can think of below.

Avril’s Appetite: a game about a wg game protagonist trying to break out of the system. Short, with meta gameplay a la DDLC and Undertale
The Nebutori’s Tale: Quest game about trying to break a weight gain curse. If you’re on Windows, I recommend downloading the Quest player for more stable performance
The little voice in the back of her mind.: twine game about about a woman slowly and somewhat obliviously gaining weight. Short and somewhat rough, but has a nice light tone
Week of the Werefatty (post Gain Jam): another Quest game (see note above). This time, the player is a werefatty who is trying to lock herself in / hide food during the day so she doesn’t overindulge at night

Enthralled - An interactive story about a hedonistic vampire and his servants: furry twine game about trying to escape a vampire’s compound. Caution: this is ultimately a horror game, and even the best endings are bittersweet. The most direct game about loss of control
Souls of Gluttony 1.1.0 version Released: rpg maker game about a demon coming to earth to fatten up all the men of a small village. Lots of tricking the NPCs into gaining

Mixed Gender and Non-Binary:
:purple_heart: Insatiable Hearts [v0.1.2D] - A monsterfucker+Weight gain Twine Game: Twine adventure about wandering a strange and fantastical world of monsters. The game doesn’t initiate anything without your consent (a design goal), but in the Caldera area, you can put yourself in a position to get cursed or otherwise have the protagonist’s agency played with


Thanks. These look pretty good!