OoOoOoOh its spooky season!!!

It’s spooky season, and you know what that means, scary (but fetishy) horror games. I wanna know what kinda games that you guys have played that are somewhat horror related that you liked. Also we could have a discussion on some game ideas and stuff.


I haven’t played anything in the horror fetish genera recently, but as an avid horror fan and monster fucker artists, its big up my alley and I’d love to see more horror themed kink games. For folk like me theres an appeal of mixing fears, grossness and depravity with beauty, lust and sexuality. There’s cross over in enjoying the different ~


Allow me to shamelessly plug my Gain Jam project, while not actively scary, I think is fittingly bleak and spooky for the season. And I’ve had an interest in making a more horror themed game with blocky graphics and tank control in a throwback to the b-list Resident Evil clones of old. And I agree with Owlkaline, I think there’s a lot of emotions to extra, especially in an interactive medium. For me though, it’s hard to think of fat + horror without just demonizing vore.


Best I can think of off the top of my head is J8867BBW’s “The Fattening”

Then not really horror themed but definitely Halloween themed, there’s the “Huge Hollows Eve” series.

I’m sure there’s some more but I hope these fit the bill.

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Five Nights With Fatties is an obvious choice!

And (though it’s come under fire for kind of letting the fetish aspect fall by the wayside) still pretty proud of my 2018 Gainjam entry Hunger.


Oh man I remember the fattening, one of my fav games to this day, and I’ll be sure to look at huge hallows eve

Oh man, I think yours is a classic, five nights with fatties is also pretty good

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I’ll be sure to check it out!!!

I had an idea called Bloated Horror that was based in horror.

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I’m working on a small thing with a spooky theme that I hope to get done provided nothing stupid happens on my end (a fairly common occurrence sadly). Nothing too ambitious, just something to get me used to using twine.

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Sounds like a good concept, hopefully you or someone else can pick it up.

Hopefully it works out dude, I’ll be sure to play it when it does come out.

I took some time to play Hunger and wow, the monster design was genuinely spooky, I appreciate the dedication to horror and comedy. Also her freakin’ name is Wendy it’s so obvious how did i not see it coming. Perfect for the American Halloween/Canadian Thanksgiving season.

Lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who managed to beat the final boss.