A list of short weight gain games?

I’m looking to create a list of short games that are less than or around hour long, that contain wg (preferably with visuals). any suggestions?


Welcome to the site @Cyldavor. First off, I would probably check out the user-maintained list of games. Alot of games on there that say “mini-game” or are by the same dev are probably going to be what you are looking for provided it states that there is weight gain. That list is not exclusive to the tag “mini-game” as it is maintained by users so there are lot of games on there that are probably short but of a different genre or descriptor. Also, the #gain-jam tag will lead you to a lot of short games in general as they are made for the yearly Gain Jam.

A few off the top of my head.

@Roops has a couple one being The Breakfast Chub

@lachevite has a few on the list provided as well as I think most of their games being shorter in nature here on their itch or patreon.

@sometimescozy has a few games made for the game jams personal favorites are Penelope’s Christmas and Culinary Combat.

W-oo-t’s Big Tiddy Goth GF Simulator.

Just to name a few.

There are plenty of games that are short, in different levels of completion and either free or paid so hopefully that helps a bit.

EDIT: Forgot to mention all my listed suggestions have visuals. I too prefer this.


One short game I’d add to Krodmandoon’s list is Chubberdy’s Spacethumper: Spacethumper

While it may not be under an hour per se with the waiting mechanics, it doesn’t take very long to get to max size in the game.

Another one if you prefer to see male only weight gain, like I do, is ChubbyFantasy’s Souls of Gluttony. It’s an rpg maker game where you make multiple males get fat and they all have individual drawings for the different size they can get… Including the player character.

(I’ll add links when I get to my computer and I don’t forget XD)

Soul of Gluttony 1.0.0 version Released - Projects - Weight Gaming

This one, right?

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Yes, but he recently did an update to 1.0.1 on deviantart where is gives you more scenes and an extra guy to gain weight.

For some reason i can’t access Deviantart on my phone to find it.

But yeah, it is that one, there’s a new update for it which I was hoping to find, but thanks for the assist. XD

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Also, hope noone will be upset if I were to ask what male only weight gain options are there to play? I kinda feel like I’ve been through most, if not all, that are available on here and I’m wondering if I may have missed one somewhere. XD

It’s off topic for the original post I think is the only issue but I’m sure you have used the #male tag or probably seen any of these topics. I can’t help you much as it’s not something I keep track of or have much knowledge of sorry.


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Ahh, that’s no problem, I’ll keep a lookout on any that come my way anyway XD

And here’s the link to the newest version of Souls of Gluttony. It is on Deviantart but it is safe.

Looking for this?

Yes, absolutely. It’s one of the best WG games out there in ny opinion. I absolutely love it. Sorry that I didn’t link the weightgaming site, I couldn’t remember whether you uploaded the new version here or not.
But it’s a really good game and I’m so happy to have ran into it. You’re definitely one of my favourite creators here. :sweat_smile:

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