Hello Everyone! Looking for new games!

Hi everyone, I am a newcomer here and I’m wondering if anyone has any game suggestions?


I would recommend
super fatty RPG
doughballs decent
turbo fat

personally not my cup of tea but other people like it

there is also these if you are willing to pay for them
smasher and the will o the thiccs
tribal hunter (has a demo)


Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game - #1991 by AlexKay Good fun and crazy good dialogue.


Also we are right in the middle of Gain Jam 2021 so there is going to be a bunch of new jam games popping up over the next week.


Hello there and welcome.

I would personally recommend:

Just to list a few that haven’t been named. There is also a nice list of some of the games on the site here.


Thank you everyone for your kind replies! I’m checking out all of your suggestions!
I’ve been struggling to find where exactly the games are usually submitted, so I really appreciate it.

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The games are within topic categories, the two most common are going to be #projects and #curated-projects. However, there are plenty of topics and some such as, #gain-jam and #archive that have projects topics that are closed and/or time sensitive. But there are a ton of tags/categories to check out as well as the latest section which will be a quick way to filter things by most recent topic.