Games where you can outgrow your clothes, have to buy new ones or fix them and you get berated for it?

The title says it all.
Do you know any games where you get negative comments and interactions because of that?


The first game that came to my mind is SirMister’s Gain of Life.


Tramp is another. Not as much berating I don’t think, but you do outgrow clothes.

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Gain of life definitely has outgrowing clothes I don’t know If I would consider any that I know of where there’s humiliation, beratement, or negative interactions though. Fill me up has scripted clothing issues as the players size increases at best some light teasing and embarrassment from it at times.


There’s a bunch of text adventure games that do this, not so many for beratement but certainly for outgrowing clothes. I’m probably missing a few but off the top of my head:


Furry game Worshippers of the Gain immediately comes to mind. Your interactions are limited to only a few characters about ripping your clothes, but there are other similar interactions with all of the main characters.


I’ve had this vague memory of another game knocking around in my head for days, finally figured it out. Project Bob (Ravenous’ Uncle) has a clothes system, the game is pretty rough but it does function for the most part.

Then if we really want to stretch (heh) a bit further there’s Fatocracy, a mod for Crusader Kings 2 that also features clothes-ripping shenanigans. A lot of the events contain placeholder text, but there’s still a decent chunk of content to mess with.

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