Anyone know some good rpg maker games with no combat in it?

Im looking for games like Feeder Fantasy


well i dont know many like feeder fantasy but i know 2 that are story focused, theres some bullshit wich while it had combat its mostly 90% minigames and story, and my biggest recomendation is apostles, it has almost 0 combat and the story is the best if you are willing to read and enjoy it!


Apostles is 99% story and is a nice slow burn. There are a couple instances of combat, but they’re really brief.


There was one about a retired hero, but forgot the name(will look it up later)

Some rpg maker games with little to no combat.

There are probably plenty I’m missing as the amount of rpgmaker games on the site is large but there are definitely more in the different #gain-jam’s that have come out including the most recent one. should be worth checking out. If I happen to think of the names of any, I’ll try to update this.

EDIT: a couple older game jam rpg maker games


It was that one, thanks dude

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Thank you very much for the replies.