Hello im new

Hello i have been a lurker for two years in total and i am finally making an account. what do you recommend in terms of games?


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Without anything more specific to go on, a good start would be to have a look through the Projects and Curated Projects, sorting the list by Views or Activity to see which projects are popular or are being actively discussed. I can’t guarantee that they will be your cup of tea per se or that there aren’t gems further down the list, but you should hopefully see something of interest.

If you want to dive into more pure game concepts, you can also apply the above sorting to the Gain Jam board to see what were the more successful game jam (“Gain Jam”) entries out there. Not only are some of these are ton of fun, but you can get a measure of certain developers that catch your eye and see what recent projects they’ve been up to.

Of course, if you’ve already been lurking for a while then you might already be following certain individuals or projects so that might help refine your search somewhat. Failing that, I’m sure other friendly members will chime in with their own recommendations.

Hope this helps, and happy hunting!


Hello, hello, hello!

I was in that boat once, and I know from personal experience that sometimes it’s really hard to make this first post, so congratulations if that’s the case, if not, then still: Welcome!

If you’re looking for mods for non-fetish games, I’d say the preeminent one on this website is Big Fatties for Starbound. Very, very high quality. Things don’t get curated for nothing!

If you’re looking for some great standalone games, then I would recommend:
Yaffaif - It’s a text adventure game that in my humble opinion is quite good.
Chub, Chomp, Chill - It’s a sim game where it’s kind of like Tomodachi Life except they get fat. I actually haven’t played too much of the versions after 1.0, and me making this post helped me realize I might need to rectify that soon.

If none of these tickle your fancy, then I’d recommend the same thing. Just browse around General Games, Projects, The Curated Projects, and The Gain Jams. There is an endless buffet to feast upon!


Hello there tihorog386 and welcome!

Some of the games I would recommend for female weight gain on the site are: (just click on the summary drop down arrow to expand)

Click here for drop down game list

@tiggertoo’s The Weighting Game - 3d visual novel using daz 3d renders and renpy. It’s a WIP so more to come in the future. You play as a male MC with plenty of female weight gain.

@Roops The Breakfast Chub - 2d visual novel game that was made for the 2019 Fat Fortnight game jam. This version is complete. It’s a short but sweet game where you play as a new hire at the Sweet Spot Cafe and work along side your new trainer and co-worker Claire. And as you would imagine weight gain ensues.

Roops also has another game still in development Feed the Crown: Deluxe Edition based on their submission Feed the Crown for the 2020 Gain Jam. The Game is a 2d platformer that has you taking the role of a knight trying to collect and steal food from the Pig Kingdom. You can use collected food on one of the three different queens you choose to serve in the beginning. After a completed (or not) run you are rewarded with a dinner scene with your selected queen and the food you have collected.

@SirKata’s and @hisano-x’s Comfy Campanion 2.0 demo - 2d visual novel where you play as a main character that works as a social media influencer who is also a feeder. Your friend gets you roped into a situation with a new model/pet (able to choose between one of two) either male or female kitsune name Lapis or Ruby. This is based off of Cakecatboy’s 2019 Fat Fortnight game jam submission. Comfy Companion. The 2.0 does continue from the original so I would advise playing cake’s version first. 2.0 is still a WIP with updates to come at a later date.

@Tron and Team spoon’s Forks: A Weight Gain Visual Novel. - 2d visual novel using renpy (later to be unity) where you play as a female protaganist Alex as she attends college looking to balence her personal relationships and wants within her life. She is interested in weight gain but been scared to ever commit fully early in her life once she starts to gain weight. There are a lot of girls in game and it is set to take place over the course of four years. There is a demo on the first post but also a unfinished teaser demo here. Be warned the demo is missing art, sprites, and some changes that are to be finalized with an official release of the completed 2nd demo later. I would wait on this the 2nd demo if you would like to wait for the more completed version.

@mythical-chikin’s Unfulfilling Isekai Simulator and NPC Simulator. Both games are 2d rpgmaker games with sprite work done by CJ-X4. In both games you play as an NPC that fattens up adventurers. Both are great, Unfulfilling Isekai Simulator was originally going to be a sequel but that changed. So, play one or both, either order is fine. Npc sim is finished and the other is a WIP.

@LazerCamel’s and again Cj-x4.3’s Fattaker - remake of the original Helltaker on Steam (steampowered.com) with fat and some weight gain. This version is complete but they are working on another one that has at least one more weight stage beyond the current game.

@eltipito42’s Thicker Treat: A WG Dating Sim - 3d using daz 3d and renpy dating sim where you play as main character that can romance and date from a wide cast of female characters there is a free 1.0 Alpha release here. With a 2.0 just released for patreons. The game is a WIP.

moonslashx’s Surviving, a WG and Expansion Game - 3d daz render game using Rpgmaker set in a post apocalyptic setting, you play as a male MC in a world with a murderous robot uprising has taken place and you and a (much smarter) female scientist live in a compound where you are just trying to survive. Multiple girls, with weight gain, BE, AE, etc. within the game.

@wholehog919’s Whole Hog -3d visual novel using daz and renpy. You play as a male MC that is a feeder and has recently broken up with his girlfriend. Getting a job offer, the MC takes it looking for a new fresh start. You run into and date a girl at your new apartment named Danielle and good stuff ensues. The game is a WIP.

WaxeRed’s Apostles - 2d rpgmaker game with a great world building and characters. It’s a bit of a slow start for the first hour (as far as weight gain content goes). It’s definitely worth hanging around for in my opinion. You play as three different main characters who are missionaries looking to spread the word of the three Niss, Gulia, Luxuria, and Acedia. You come across a town that is rundown and starved. Looking for a push back into the right direction, and maybe a little further.

fallboy3656622’s Feeder Fantasy (original Japanese version) - 2d rpgmaker game with great visuals by Sunny3257_29. There is a link to an English translated and modifed version for 5.0 by StygianSkies here. You play as a Male (modifed version is Female) MC that is a feeder and looking to go around and fatten up female heroes and other female townsfolk. The MC can gain weight in both versions as well.

humblesasquatch’s The Next Big Thing - 2d rpgmaker rhythm based game. Where you follow Amy and Emily who enroll in an academy for belly-idols.

juan_alvarez’s Hungry Elves with the English translation here by Erronwolf. 2d rpgmaker game. You go around as a male MC who is a feeder, that finds themselves stuck fighting against demons, monsters, and servants. With the help of a trio of elves, his human neighbor, a catgirl, and more. The game is complete. (Erronwolf and team are also working on Eternalland if you find yourself likely hungry elves.

Just to name a few :sweat_smile:. Honorable mention to @vrazz’s The Queendom of Corpula (formerly The Kingdom of Corupula) if there was still a demo up I would recommend this one as well. It is back to being a WIP and hopefully a new demo for that the game sometime here in the future.

There are a ton of good things for both male and female WG on the site and there is also a user-maintained list of games. It has alot of games on there but know that there are a ton more not added to it.


Hello new, I’m ohlard.


The focus is much more on stuffing than weight gain (though there’s still a decent bit of the latter), but I’d be remiss not mentioning Some Bullshit by Nerds.

It is I believe the current pinnacle of blending fetish and narrative, an utterly massive 30+ hour RPG experience with a lovable and well-developed main cast, effective comedy and drama, surprisingly decent gameplay for this type of thing, huge amounts of assets, and loads of opportunities to get into food/belly-related hijinks.

I’d easily have shelled out 50 bucks for it if were an unironic public release on Steam or something lol. Can’t sing its praises highly enough, the gold standard on this site IMO. Legitimately it is so well written and paced that I think it’d make for a decent experience even for folk not interested in the fetishes it covers.

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Hey, thanks for the mentions!

To be clear, Cat wrote the first game, I came in for the 2nd.

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Hey thank you for the correction I was under the impression you were involved in both and had a hand with the script, my bad on the mistake. I would never want to short change Cat with the awesome comfy companion (1.0?).

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lol Yeah, I call it 1.0, too, honestly. Helps to define the distinction.

And I get it, I wouldn’t want to want to short-change them either. They worked really hard on it and deserve all the credit accordingly, and I don’t want to take credit for things I didn’t do. Mom and dad taught me well. :laughing:

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Hey new, I’m pansandjams! (heh, I crack myself up sometimes) I’d recommend Eat the Dungeon by the wonderfully talented Bewildered Angel. You can run it on your browser and it’s still receiving updates.