What are some good WG games to play??

New to this, and was wondering what are some good WG titles to play regardless of quality i just want to see my options


It honestly depends on what type of game you’re looking for, but the projects tab shows you all pretty much all the games that are on the site and you can look at the tags to choose which you’d prefer

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Welcome to the forums. You can check out the user-maintained list of games. It does not have all the games on the site but it would be a decent starting point for someone new. That or the #projects #curated-projects and #gain-jam sections will give you a good look at what the site has to offer. You can also look at a certain tag if you are know are interested in something more specific (not everything will be tagged on the site as we rely on the developers and helpful community members to help out but it can point you in the right directions) such as #visual-novel or #rpg-maker.

I’m biased towards female weight gain and visual novels so keep that in mind for my recommends. In no particular order here we go:


The problem with these kinds of threads is most people just suggest the same games. I actually didn’t know about some of these you suggested. So, thank you.


This just in: Krod is based. (mandatory @hisano-x ping)

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Try this Pokemon WG text game by UnknownCleric2420